Customer Retention Through Aggregation

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customer retentionCreating a digital flipbook for your catalog is great, but if you aren’t combining this tactic with a good aggregation strategy you may be missing out on a huge opportunity.

Using a social media aggregator such us 3D Issue hubs has a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to improving your customers experience.

When aggregation meets retention

The best way to understand abstract terms like aggregation and retention is using real life examples. Although we are not going to talk about a specific website or company, the explanation should be clear enough for you to get the gist of it.

Websites that serve regional or local news have a unique problem. Even if they manage to build up their page visits thanks to timely information about a certain event, they usually experience a huge bounce rate.

This tends to happen due to the lack of new additional information related to the industry or the field the reader is interested in (If you are in the local news business, I’m sure you’re not a stranger to this problem).

Is in these cases where the use of a news hub as a form of content aggregation can make a big difference in terms of customer retention.

Imagine if apart from offering your most recent news in your news hub you aggregated content from other sources, let’s say from regional, national or international sources. Your readers then wouldn’t just get to your site or your hub, read the article they found you through and leave, they would probably keep checking other news that could be of their interest.

Even better, what if they could do this exact same thing through an app? through YOUR app? wouldn’t that be amazing? Not only would you see your bounce rate decrease significantly, but you would also see your brand get stronger. After all, you would be establishing yourself as the main news source to go to whenever the latest information is needed.

As you can see aggregation can be extremely useful when it comes to retaining your customers, something that is really important if you take into account that retaining a current customer is between 4 to 6 times cheaper than gaining a new one.

If this isn’t enough to convince you of the potential of agreggating content for your business, keep reading, aggregation has many more benefits.

Build a positive social presence

The modern customer persona wants to see whether other people already trust your brand or not and if so, how big that number is.

What better way to reassure your potential customers than using a message like “Join 20 thousand people” next to your subscription form?

Well, although that’s an effective strategy, having an active social media profile will help you obtain an even bigger and wider audience that will “like”and “follow” your page. The more “likes” and “follows” you get the better, as it will only serve as proof of your popularity.

Don’t forget the review section either, it may not seem important, but Social Media profiles are now trusted by almost every potential customer, especially if they are under 50. A company with few or no reviews creates the impression of either being too new (which is ok) or not being completely trustworthy. Don’t worry about one or two bad reviews either, every good company has at least a couple, as long as the overall balance is positive you’ll be doing alright.

You should also try to aggregate the content from all your social media channels, you could even think about including other sources from your leading industry authorities. This will help you start a conversation with your audience.

A growing and active community is the living proof of a brand that can be trusted and that it could definitely be the right choice.

Allow customers to shape your approach

You may have the perfect set of social media profiles and a fancy website with an informative blog that everyone loves, but have you ever wondered if you are actually reaching your whole potential? If you are using the right tools?

Having a hub where you can aggregate all your content could be what you need.

Imagine you have a customer that’s not that much into reading lengthy blog posts. Instead, this person spends most of his time on social media. If you can’t steer this particular customer towards your social media channels, you’ll eventually lose him.

Having a hub where all of your different communication channels are integrated, will not only ease up the process for you, but it will also give potential customers the chance to find posts and information that otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to see.

Content aggregation lets your audience decide in which channels they want follow you before they actually do it. They may have not considered following you on Instagram, but after seeing what you publish on that platform they may decide to do so.


Content aggregation is an easy, non-aggressive customer retention strategy. Is an excellent way to shape your voice and highlight the things you stand for while allowing your customer to gain an insight into your active community.

The quality of the software you choose to do so is paramount. Make sure the one you go with includes all the features you need.

If you want to start creating your hub, you can start your 3D Issue Hubs free trial today and see how your customer retention rate soars.


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