Why is Curating Content Beneficial to Publishers?

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curate contentCurating content is a vital way for you to ensure that you are getting the most from the value of your content over a longer period of time. There is a common understood rule in SEO.  90% of people do not go past the first results page of a google search.  The need to understand this will be critical to their success of their SEO campaign.  It is essential for the continued growth of your market that you get your content onto the first page and get noticed by your target audience.  I believe that the same rule should apply to your blog content.  90% of your blog readers probably do not get past the first page of your blog.

Now if you are like the vast majority of content marketing space, you are creating content that has a longer shelf life than your standard news story. News stories age and become irrelevant very quickly, If you are writing articles on gardening for example, this story will be as relevant next years as it is today.  The problem that you face however is that you will amass an arsenal of good content but you cannot package it in a meaningful manner. Once it is off the first page, its traffic falls off the cliff.  Curating content allows you to enable the content to be served more frequently to people who are specifically interested in that content.


By allowing your readers to curate your article around their interests and their friends interest will enable you to achieve a greater effectiveness with your content.  Personalization is key.  Imagine House & Garden magazine. John visits your sites regularly to read your digital editions but John is more interested in the gardening section than he is in the interior design section.  Rather than have john surf through content that is irrelevant to his interests, we can determine very quickly what articles he is interested in.

There are 2 ways to achieve this

1.     You can ask him to specify at the start what types of content he prefers

2.     You can use personalization algorithms to extract the keywords of the articles he clicks on in order to assess which types of articles are of interest and refine the publication based on these results.

The magazine market is changing. Magazines will evolve from the traditional one 2 many formats to a  one to one solutions.  When content is tailored to their needs the readers will also be more inclined to share this content through their social network and hence drive more traffic towards the source of the content, your website.

By Paul Mc Nulty


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