Cross-media Publishing Trends in UK News Industry

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digital newspaper onlineThree of the most popular UK newspapers – The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Sun all reported month-on-month increases in traffic to their websites in April on March according to a recent article by the Guardian.

The leading online UK news portal in April 2013 however was Mail Online which itself seen an increase of traffic of 8.89% on March, and a year-on-year(YOY) change in daily average browsers of 38.55%.

The, The and reported monthly increases in traffic of 4.68%, 5.76% and 1.09% respectively. Yearly growth in daily average browsers seen The, The and record increases of 23.11%,  29.81% and 10.97%. Here is an overview of yearly changes in traffic to online news sites:

Website YOY change in daily average browsers

Mail Online





Mirror Group Digital






The results of this research carried out by the Guardian, coupled with some other statistics I’ve compiled:

– an 81% growth in smartphone usage in 2012 (source),

– 2013 predicted to be the year when the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on the earth (source),

– 54% of  mobile searches conducted by UK smartphone users in October 2012 were for news content (source),

– increasingly popular news aggregator platforms such as Flipboard and 3D Issue Hubs widely available to mobile users for free, suggest that if you happen to publish news content – it’s high time to go digital if you haven’t yet done so!

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By Joanna Brien


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