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advanced featuresEvery now again on this blog we take a look at an area or feature in the software to go through in more detail. This post looks at the ‘Advanced’ section in the software which is located in the ‘Design’ tab.

The Design tab is the area of the software where you can customize the online magazine in terms of:

1) The look and feel of the reader pane; so backgrounds, colors and placement of features buttons etc..

2) The customization of pages; so adding interactive features such as links, videos, animations to the pages of the publication.

The advanced tab looks at some features that may need to be looked at now and again for certain publication types. It must be noted though, these features although named ‘advanced’ are still easy to use and intuitive – don’t let the name stop you taking a browse around this section!

Here is a screen shot of this advanced section:
advanced section

Let’s take a look at the features in more details:

Read right to left
Simply by checking the “read right to left” option, the digital edition is completely reconfigured to handle this publication type. Along with reordering the pages, it will also change all page numbering, keyword search and contents menus to suit the configuration of the publication.

Load Control
If your publications are over 100 pages you could use the load control to ensure your readers are not waiting a long time when they first open your digital edition. The load control allows you to specify a number of pages to load at one time, so entering 20 will load the first 20 pages, then going to page 40, the 20 pages around page 40 are loaded in the background. This ensures fast loading for larger publications.

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Default Language

This allows you to change the language for all the rollover text, button text and interface text that your end readers see. You can easily set up the language profile first by visiting the ‘Options’  from the top toolbar and then ‘Translations’. Once the language is set up it then automatically becomes selectable in this advanced section.

Page numbering starts on Page

Not all publications start their numbering on the cover page. Therefore with the 3D Issue software you can set the correct page numbering so that your contents menus etc will act

Exit URL
Enter in the url where your readers should be taken to when clicking on the exit button within the interface. This could be your website home page or a related web page.

Edit email for sharing, bookmarks and notes
If your end readers use either the notes, bookmarks or sharing option they have the option to send an email with information to either themselves or a friend. You can edit the fields or language used in these emails by clicking on the ‘Edit email’ button in the advanced section.

In the editor, select the text and edit as you see appropriate. You can also insert fields; Message, Name, URL, Email and Notes which are all entered by the reader.

3D Issue uses dynamic script for the ‘Send to Friend’ feature. For this the software will recognize both ASP and PHP support. Choose which is recommended for your site.

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