3 Mistakes to avoid in the creation of your digital publication

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digital publicationWe often use this blog to give helpful tips and pointers for users of digital magazine software. We thought it might be useful to highlight some common mistakes that are made when creating these digital magazines and how to avoid them. Online digital versions have so many benefits for both your end reader and your business so make sure you avoid these mistakes in order to gain maximum effectiveness.

1. File size to high
Is your online publication taking too long to load? There are several settings that could be causing this and with a little adjustment your publications can be much quicker to load. Firstly in the converter window make sure you set the dpi and image quality settings to an adequate level – but not too high.

The Image resolution controls the size of the zoomed-in pages that are created. This is set at default to 150 DPI. This will vary from publication to publication and only through testing will you be able to determine the optimum setting for your publication. We find that anything between 100 dpi to 150 dpi is adequate. You can also choose the quality at which the pages are generated. This is set to 50% at default. Again, only through testing will you determine what best suits your publications.

These settings will determine the size of the digital edition and the speed at which pages are loaded. It is important that you find the right balance between the quality you are happy with versus how long a user will wait to download.

2. Leaving the SEO information blank
If you always leave the ‘SEO info’ incomplete then you are really missing out customers finding your publication via search engines.

Here is an example of how an online publication is listed in Google:

listed online publication

Note that there are keywords present in the Page Title, a meaningful and useful page description that helps the searcher understand what the ebook is about and finally keywords in the url (taken from the name of the project folder.)

If the SEO info in the ebook software is left blank, finding it via a search engine (which is the route the majority of your customers would take to try and find you) would be very difficult as the search engine would not rank it very high on any keywords as there are none in the key areas.

3. Not Populating the contents menu

One reason your customers love digital magazines is because they can quickly find the information they are looking for. In the software you can create quick links to the pages or sections within the publication. Now this only takes a few minutes for you to do but makes viewing and finding information in the publication so much easier for your readers. So, don’t leave this blank. If a contents menu isn’t applicable then make sure you uncheck the box ‘Enable Contents Menu’ in the Page Interactivity tab of the software.

Here’s a screen shot of a populated contents menu in a digital publication. So the user can very quickly identify and go to the page they need.

populated contents menu in a digital publication

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