Creating an eBook from Start to Finish

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kindlesE-reading is on the rise, of this there is absolutely no doubt, the far reaching capabilities of the internet has given the planet a resource unmatched at any time in our past, this resource is freely accessible across a wide range of connected devices meaning this vast chasm of information is available to us at pretty much anyplace, at any time. This is a platform that Publishers and businesses alike have embraced, it is estimated that over a quarter of all books sold in the US and the UK are now eBooks, for this reason we thought we would supply a little help to anyone out there who is planning to create an eBook or maybe for those of you who are unsure of where to start, today we will walk you through creating an eBook from start to finish and show you how easily it can be achieved and discuss the benefits they hold.

In a similar vein, in recent research by PEW it was found that over 50% of Americans now have a dedicated handheld device–either a tablet computer like an iPad, or an e-reader such as a Kindle or Nook–for reading e-content. That figure has grown from 43% of adults who had either of those devices in September 2013. Ebooks are clearly a market which is enjoying considerable growth and one which demands the modern day publisher is involved in, factor in smartphones and other connected devices and you start to get a clear idea of just how influential these devices have become, eBooks are the very future of publishing itself.

Starting off

First thing is first, whether you are publishing a novel, short book or a children’s story book you are going to need PDF’s to translate your information into an eBook, most designers and printers use PDF’s regularly so even if you are not sure about them yourself anyone in these industries will be able to point you in the right direction. PDFs can be used to convert PDF to HTML5 eBook in minutes, in the link I have just highlighted there is a step by step guide that will take you, step by step from ensuring your PDFs are ready to import into the 3D Issue software correctly right up until the point of adding interactive features and outputting your eBook.


For those of you who have never created an eBook before their benefits are extensive, the consumer will actively seek eBooks firstly for their quality but also for the advantages they supply in regards to the reading experience itself, they provide many advantages for the publisher and consumer alike such as;

– Their ability to reach  the audience on any device
– Portability
– Low production costs
– Environmentally friendly
– Instantaneous delivery
– Worldwide reach

Knowing how to publish an eBook and where to distribute it are as important today as any other facet of the publishing industry such is their influence in today’s society, the vast majority of us are connected online in one way or another, there are very few among who do not possess some sort of connected device, this is how dominant they have become.

You can see a full, detailed step by step set of video guides for the newly released version 7 of the 3D Issue software here and also downloadable PDF guides here



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