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online brochureMarketing executives produce large quantities of content in multiple ways. Digital marketing specifically refers to marketing collateral which is produced and executed via digital means. Namely Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and any other social network you care to mention.

One of the key points on digital marketing to remember is that core marketing principals will still apply to campaign activity.

Hard copy publications still play an important role in day to day consumer education, harnessing this content and distributing digitally will provide so many more impressions than without. Here at 3D Issue we always advise that publishers need to design for the web. Many do, many others do not.

The lack of design can be down to limited resources or lack of interest, one thing is for sure optimization of your content will lead to happier readers and retention for your subscribers. Looking at book publishing in a recent blog “An End of Books” by Seth Godin where he outlines the demise of the book we gain some fascinating insights. In it Seth hits on the following points.

The bookstore – losing more money every day does not make for a long and prosperous future.

The Publisher – linked to the bookstore and therefore doomed…

The Library – being demoted in their importance.

The main point of Seth’s blog is that the hard copy book is basically on the way out of course – but it shall have a place in our lives in the future. The question is what type of place? One could expect that the hard copy publication will continue but as a premium product. As Seth indicates in his post the main parts of publishing are on the way out.

digital brochure design

The marketing executive will still need their hard copy collateral. Why? Mostly because people still visit stores and will continue to do so. Consumers like to take information away with them in hard copy format. We hope that retailers will learn to leverage the digital publication effectively but at present this might not be such an easy task why?

Marketing collateral is often used as part of the sales process – how many times have you seen a sales person physically write on a catalog for you? These “golden nuggets” of information are the first thing you refer to later – you saw them being written as they were being explained to you so they make sense. In reality the writing tends to be messy and untidy !

Change is difficult – stores in particular are designed with space and shelving for take-always for visitors, “What would we put there if we had no catalog?” they might ask, to this we say look at any Apple store very little hard copy publications there!

Digital content is better for so many reasons:

1)     Sharing potential – readers can share their content via social networks

2)     Interactivity – Readers will engage with content far more effectively via interactivity and media

3)     It is familiar – the publication looks like a physical piece of content familiarity makes things easier for all concerned

4)     Connectivity – reader can open e-mail add bookmarks and make notes.

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By Michael Maloney


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