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Create-your-Company-AppThe app acts as a content Hub for your company’s content and social channels. So this means you can choose to plug in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, News Feeds, flipping books and more

The branded company app comes with:

Native Apps; Native apps for iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet and Android Smartphone

Customization: App Name, App icon, Store description, Store Screenshots and App loading page.

Submission to stores: To Apple App Store and Google Play.

Offline Viewing: Downloading of issues to devices for viewing offline when no internet connection.

Customized URL scheme: The device will know to open their publications in app or redirect the user to the app on the app store if it is not already installed.

Automatic updating: App will be updated with any Issues added to the library. So when the library is updated all users that have downloaded an issue from that library will see the updated issue list the next time they open the app.

You supply the icons and we build your app for you.

How it looks:
– Your company icon to launch the App
– Your choice of background inside the App
– Your choice of content channels

Be mobile first
With 80% of your audience using Apps over mobile browsers, you need to be able to publish your content through your native Apps.

No coding required
Simply follow the step by step guide we will provide you with upon enquiry. We even handle the approval process and maintenance.

Auto updating
As you add content to your channels your App will constantly check for fresh content and add it into your App to ensure your audience always have the latest news.

Cross platform
3D Issue ensures that your content is accessible on whatever iOS or android tablet or smartphone your audience chooses to view it on.

If you have any questions or would like for more information simply contact
By Audrey Henry


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