10 Top Reasons For You to Create Online Magazine and Publications

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Create-Online-Magazine1. Don’t waste that PDF content: If you have already created a printed version. You have a PDF of your work. Shame to leave it at this stage. By bringing this PDF into the digital publishing software, you can add interactivity, such as audio, video, and web links that a print copy could never achieve. It’s a simple 3 step process.

2. You can reach a wider audience, your readers can view your publications on all devices.
3. Advertising: With publishers depending so much on ad revenue you can offer a great incentive with an online magazine. The ads can be tracked. You can report back to the advertisers how their adverts are performing, how many clicks, visits, sales can from your digital ad. Of course the ad can be interactive, with hyperlinks to the advertiser’s website, it can include video describing the product or service on offer. There are many ways to advertise within a digital magazine.
4. You can have an app for your publications; with the increase of people reading on tablet and mobile devices, having an app just makes sense. The app can be branded to suit your corporate style, color and logo constraints, so your publication never loses its identity.
5. Save money on printing, delivery and postal costs. Digital publishing software is a good investment, buy once, create as many magazines as you like. Ideal for publications that have monthly issues. You can also use the software as a SAAS service and pay monthly.

6. Be green: by creating digital versions, you save big time on paper and packaging waste.
7. Archive back issues: Now your magazines can be accessed anytime from your website, or your app.
8. You can sell your magazine online. The software has a user login feature. Another means for reaching that market that may not be aware of your print version.
9. You can offer lots of digital marketing incentives with your online magazine and publication. Links to special offers, audio interviews, HTML5 and flash animations.
10. Curate content: Your online magazines and publications can then be included in a new craze sweeping the net at the minute: The Hub, here all your web content can be included with your social sites, Google Alerts, YouTube channel, manually added articles, or your contributors emailed content. See an example here of a Hub.

Hopefully today’s blog has enlightened you to the advantages bringing your PDF into a new realm can hold. If you would like to have more opportunities for your content please contact our team at info@3dissue.com. They can help you by discussing the aspects of the software that will suit your magazine best.

By Audrey Henry


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