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Create-Online-Catalog-from-PDFWhat types of innovation are possible in publishing? Are they for you? In today’s blog we will answer these fundamental questions in relation to an online or digital catalog created from a basic PDF.

We all create PDF’s for our marketing content, either to be emailed off to the printer or to be uploaded to digital publishing software. The creation of an online catalog has advantages reaching far and wide.

The mere fact that all smartphone and tablet devices can view the catalog along with desktop and MAC viewing possibilities means the population that will actually see your catalog will be vast.

It is these broad market opportunities that are attractive to companies as they are likely to result in an increase in traffic, leads and sales as there can be direct links to buy and to websites in the catalog.


The interactivity that can be added to the catalog adds enormous benefits to the viewer.

Scott Country International sell sporting goods include outdoor clothing, boots and bags, and country lifestyle accessories. Their user-friendly online catalogue has a vast range of country supplies for everyone to explore.

Click on the image below to launch the online catalog.


See how they have added info buttons, links and video. These features assist in informing the customer about the products they are interested in. Scott Country International closed their high street retail shops in 2009 and focused their business online only. They have a successful online business which sees increasing growth of online sales, with an increased growth sector in the international market. With the flexibility of online trading combined with their commitment to customer service and the continuous search for new and innovative products have enabled Scott Country International to keep pace in an ever changing market place.

Creating a catalog from your PDF content may be the first step in reaching international markets you never imagined. Sending the link to your catalog is easy to implement in email campaigns, or share on social sites, or include on your website. If you have a mailing list perhaps you should be supplying your subscribers with an innovative way to see your products or services.

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By Audrey Henry


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