How to Create Offline, DVD, CD and USB Versions of your Digital Editions

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3D Issue Lite, Professional and Enterprise have the ability to create an off-line edition. This version of your publication is an individual file which represents the publication one might otherwise upload to a server for distribution on-line. The off-line version outlined in this blog is created in the Digital Magazine mode of 3D Issue.

Whilst one of the core features of a 3D Issue digital publication will generally be the provision of content on-line the off-line version can provide useful in certain circumstances.

The off-line version of a digital publication created with 3D Issue provides a number of functions for a digital edition. The core functions provided by this version of your publications are:

1. It allows for the distribution of your content off-line via CD or USB;
2. There is no upload required so there is no server requirement;
3. There is therefore no communication required from your IT department or server provider;
4. Your content will not require any security as distribution will be controlled via CD or USB;

There can be some drawbacks of an off-line edition including:

Content cannot be updated ‘on-the-fly’ as it can when on-line, the content tab in 3D Issue allows for the swapping out of one PDF for another, uploading to the same location will leave the rest of the publication intact. See this blog post for more information about ‘on-the-fly’ uploads.

Due to the finality of an off-line edition distributed via CD or USB this is not available.

It should be bore in mind that an off-line publication will require Internet access to avail of the full functionality offered in 3D Issue, e.g. A YouTube video will function via an off-line version of 3D Issue as long as the reader is connected to the Internet, similarly communication which is derived from the publication may require access too like e-mailing a comment to a publisher.

So when would I need to use the off-line version of my publication?

A possible use could be at a convention where as a promotional piece USB flash drives are often distributed – why not add value  by including some marketing materials on the USB drive?

Or perhaps where a one off bespoke publication is created and provided directly to a client e.g. a proposal or tender for contract could be nicely presented via the off-line version of a publication.

Similarly in a sales meeting marketing collateral can be nicely presented via the off-line edition presented via USB stick or CD/DVD to accompany a printed catalog or maybe as a ‘back-up copy’

Sometimes the Internet is not available, expensive to use or unreliable; consider daily hotel and Airport Wi-Fi charges as an example, readers who are away from their home cell phone network often avoid going on-line due to high costs.

How do I create the off-line version?

1. On the output tab of 3D Issue check the off-line box and select Digital Edition. (For our needs the Digital Edition will suffice as PDF refers to the reader option for download of an on-line publication outlined in this recent 3D Issue blog post.)

create offline digital editions

2. If the publication is not going to be uploaded uncheck the ONLINE and UPLOAD option on the Output tab

3. Click build;

4. In your output folder there will be a sub-folder named Off-line which contains 2 files;

5. The Zipped folder is for MAC users the Self Executable .exe file is for PC users;

6. Add these files to your USB or CD/DVD drive for distribution.

Note: The off-line versions of these publications will load in their own window so unlike an up-loaded (i.e. an On-line) publication no browser shall appear to the reader.

Does this work for .mobi and .epub files?

No! as the .epub and .mobi files are always off-line. These files are created in the e-reader mode of 3D issue. The version created via the instructions in this blog is based on content created in the Digital Magazine mode of the software. To compare digital magazine mode to ereader mode change mode in the Design Tab and the drop down box illustrated below.

create offline digital magazine for eReader

For more information on creating .epub and .mobi files see this recent 3D Issue blog post note – . epub and .mobi files may also be distributed via USB flash drive or CD/DVD.

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