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Create-Magazine-OnlineIf you are about to embark on the mission of creating your own online magazine have a look at this sample publication below.

Stack have effectively integrated the magazine into their website as a tab that leads to a page where you can access past and current issues. See the features they have used and ask yourself which interactive elements will suit your magazine and your audience best.

Stack is a multimedia company that provides credible and reliable information, tools and services to help active sports participants get better at the games they play and the lives they lead. They produce magazines on a bimonthly basis for the athlete by the athlete. There digital version is powered by 3D Issue digital publishing software.

Their online magazine is displayed in normal mode, as opposed to skinless mode. They have added, their logo in the top left hand corner of the screen and added a dark gray background for the magazine.


On page 27 there is a content page, here is displayed some other articles related to that page and easy links via hot spots are attached for you to jump to those pages. Click on the image below to launch the online magazine on the page in question.


On page 46 there is a large image of a slam dunk. Hover over this image and the hot spot appears, giving you additional information and linking to a website where you can watch videos on the subject. Click on the image below to launch the online magazine on the page in question.


Advertising: Magazines depend heavily on the revenue they generate from ads. Ads can take many forms in an online magazine. They can appear as banners along the top of the background area. They can be various size ads or native ads throughout the magazine. The neat thing about a digital version is that you can add links to websites in your adverts. You can even add audio, video, animation, image galleries, if you so wish.
You can report back to advertisers on the ads that gained the most clicks and views through setting up your magazine with your Google Analytics account.

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By Audrey Henry


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