How Can It Be So Easy to Create Email Newsletters?

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Create-Email-NewslettersWell, it really is easy. The technology developed by 3D Issue allows the software to do all the work for you; in a matter of seconds your newsletter can be created. See an informative video here on how it works. What once used to be an arduous task is now transformed into a joy. Gone are the days where you had to add each blog individually with its links and images also being extra tasks to add. Now with Hubs you can create a newsletter fit for any email campaign in literally seconds. This blog outlines the steps to take within the software, try it and see!

Hubs can be of benefit to your business:

· As your audience is now ‘mobile first’ readers. Hubs can help by enabling you to create email newsletter for all devices.

· Creating multiple bespoke newsletters for audience or even your team such as a means of tracking competitors and industry specific news.

· Increasing reader engagement by instantly making content fit perfectly to their device, removing any need to zoom or pan.

· Auto-updating; Requiring no additional maintenance. Hubs will constantly check and add any new content. Ensuring that your audience always have the latest news.

· Aggregating all of your marketing content to once place. Companies on average use 14 different mediums to engage with their audience such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter but no-one offers a single place from where they can view all of that content.

· Allowing multiple remote contributors to submit content directly into the Hubs via approved email addresses.

· Allowing your audience to personalize the content around their own specific needs.

· Providing you with the means to create new publications in a matter of minutes by aggregating trending news content and third party RSS content.

· Providing in-depth analytics on critical stats such as what content is resonating best with your target audience.

· Hubs is available as an API which means that you can absorb this technology into your own products and services.

· Do you feel that Hubs could be of benefit to your content marketing workflow?

Email us if you have any questions or better still send us your email address to and simply request to become a subscriber of our weekly email newsletter created in Hubs. It will give you a good idea how this form of digital marketing works and if I would be the correct fit for your business.

By Audrey Henry


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