Create Brochure and Other Marketing Material with Digital Intentions

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create-brochureAsk yourself what your marketing collateral consists of. In the effort to increase notoriety and sales a considered collection of material may be created to boost a brand’s appeal.

Sales sheets, brochures, information guides are developed to aid a sale. With retailers supplying this the customer has time to reflect on the product or service offered to them. These materials can be handed out when a customer calls into a store, delivered to a postal address or sent digitally to email addresses. As the number of businesses now operating solely online increases and with most having an online presence of some sort, marketing materials should be available on the company website and other online sources also.
Reaching people for marketing purposes has enormous potential of late with the adoption of tablet and mobile viewing. With the majority now checking email through these devices the reasons to go digital are growing rapidly. With the release of each new smartphone model, you can see the appeal these devices have on the general public, make sure your marketing can reach them on these by creating a brochure that is optimized for all viewing platforms.

Marketing tip: Create a brochure app for online and offline reading.

This online brochure from Avian CA Duty Free has had over 80,000 views. Avianca Inflight Shopping Virtual Catalog is available from the airline’s website, available to view and brought to your attention again when you have booked your flights. On board you will be able to view the brochure offline through an app. Some airlines give iPads to all passengers on board this can be a another means of perusal for the brochure.

Hopefully today’s blog has inspired you to create an online brochure that can get wings and fly!

By Audrey Henry


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