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Create Audiobooks from PDFWe are all individuals, individuals with different interests, pass times, hobbies and thought processes, no two people are the same and that is a gift in itself. The world would be a very boring place if we were all the same; we would be deprived of individual’s brilliance, personality, humor, ideas and idiosyncrasies.

Why then should all content be the same? Why can’t we have different methods of delivery of said content?

Well the short answer to that is we can, and that we should.

Rich media is a facet of digital publications that some may feel has been under-utilized within digital publications thus far. After all Rich media within publications can offer an experience unparalleled from their printed counterparts, We have watched as video has been forecast to be the big mover in 2014, and correctly so, the fact that video sharing will command 55% of all web traffic by 2016, alluded to the forecast that the demand for video will triple by the same date and that mobile video traffic will also see an increase eighteen fold by 2016 since 2011 all points towards the recent surge in video sharing being one of the hottest facets of content sharing in the year ahead.

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Rich media does not belong to video alone, it has many strings to its bow, audio books are one such sector of rich media within digital publications which is being rightly recognized for its potential and advantages. Audio books can provide an alternative method to traditional learning; they can open doors that would have otherwise remained closed in days gone past. From a publisher’s point of view audio books can open a market that would have remained out of reach. Only yesterday we learned that Amazon is integrating its e-book and audiobook offerings so that users can easily switch between reading a book and listening to

It is clear the potential that audio books offer and the uses that they can be put to arte numerous and commendable, young children, students, people with visual impairments or perhaps who may have certain reading difficulties can all avail of the service offered by the audio book, it really is that important to so many lives.

Audio books can also be digested by people who simply do not have the time to read but wish to learn about specific subjects or particular snippets of information. Audiobooks can be utilized by publishers to supplement their existing online flipbooks; they can help create moods and atmospheres. They can be used to help aid in the teaching of musical compositions or perhaps the particular instruments themselves.

Read more about How to Create an Audiobook using 3D Issue here.

3D Issue has exciting audio features built into the software that enables publishers to add a background audio track that will play over the entire publication as it is being viewed. You can also add individual audio files for certain pages to help convey a particular message, to create a particular mood. You may require the page to flip onwards within your publication once an audio file has finished playing.

The possibilities are boundless; the only restriction is your own imagination.



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