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creating contentThe ways in which we live, shop and buy has changed irrevocably in the last twenty years. Online availability of just about every resource imaginable is accessible to us. Little over twenty years ago, if for example you were thinking of buying a house, your first port of call wouldn’t have been to check online, nowadays that stat has been completely reversed, quite often the first place we will check for anything is online, and why not? We have the largest resource available to us quite literally at our fingertips, it would be folly not to take advantage of such a font of knowledge.

Increasing numbers of consumers are more tech savvy than ever before; they will have a general idea about your product or service before they even approach you or visit your site. How do they do this? Easy, like anything else in life, they do their research. They will search for information and content pertaining to their interest and will have their mind more or less made up by the time you first interact with them.

So what do you do?

Around 60% of the consumer’s decision making involved in investing in your product will be due to the content and information they have already found online, it is therefore crucial to ensure that the content that they discover leaves a positive impression, an impression that will encourage the consumer beyond doubt that your product is the one they should be siding with above all others. So how do we ensure this scenario unfolds when consumers are researching not just your product or service but your whole sector?

The answer? Useful, relevant, high quality content. It may seem obvious but having high quality relevant content about your service and other topics relating to your field is an absolute must. The consumer is more than hallway certain about your product before they come into contact with you due to the research they have already carried out online. Your website and the content it conveys are the ‘sellers’ for your product, they are the de-facto sales person for your business, they are the first thing the consumer will come into contact with in their quest for information. Increasingly the only time the consumer will wish to engage with you will be on pricing and contract terms so it is imperative that the first point of contact, your content, leaves the right impression.

It is for this reason that you must produce and maintain the highest quality content through all the avenues available to you, this could come in the guise of your actual website itself, blogs, newsletters, email marketing or social media to mention but a few. What all these sources have in common is your high quality content that will make you stand out from your competitors. Think about it, how many times have you searched for a particular topic or service online, you come across a site with poorly constructed, low quality content, does this make you want explore the site some more and find out about the product and the possibility of investing? No, of course it doesn’t, you will move straight ahead and find another site which satisfies your quest for knowledge, a source that will put all your worries to bed and answer any queries you may have.

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Maintaining customer relationships and building your brand

More and more we are seeing companies tell their story through the content that they provide, by doing so they are building relationships with the consumer while also improving their brand image. Your content doesn’t have to be all about your product, a subtle hint or nod in its direction will suffice.

Consumers are a savvy bunch so if you try and supply content that in essence is really just a dressed up advertisement, they will spot it straight away, your content has to be useful, interesting and/or engaging. It has to encourage feedback and interaction; there is a difference between high quality useful content and a straight up advertisement promoting your company. Your content can directly relate to your services or can be informative pieces that, while not directly correlated to your product, generally come under the same topic region. For example you sell shoes, instead of pushing the shoes directly you could tie them in with the latest fashions, a fashion shoot with your shoes as part of it perhaps, this sort of content will be of interest to your consumer while making them aware of your product.

The quality and relevance of your content should be at the top of your list when you are creating your online store front, without the right foundation to support your product or service, in this case, a core base of relevant, premium quality content, the rest will simply crumble under the weight of expectation.

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By Charlie Gallagher


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