How to Create an Online Brochure

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online brochureWhen Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press over 560+ years ago, few could have imagined the impact it would have on the world as whole. The printing press has actually been around since as far back as 1041, (some would argue even earlier), when it was pioneered and developed by the Han Chinese printer Bi Sheng but it wasn’t until Gutenberg’s considerable input that the movable type press really took off. Credited with influencing many movements of the time and was being a major influence on the spread of learning during this period.

The printing press revolutionized communications and learning among the masses, in today’s world we have witnessed a similar revolution take place before our very eyes in the guise of the internet. It is without fear of reprisal that I can categorize the internet as having just a big an influence, and arguably bigger than the printing press itself. The internet and the capabilities it has bestowed upon us is both fascinating and inspiring, in a business sense, it is an arena that no business can afford to ignore.

In today’s uber connected world you simply must have an online presence, much the same as all those years ago when Gutenberg revolutionized communications in Europe and beyond, so too has the internet revolutionized modern day world. In today’s blog we are going to examine how you can create a presence through the creation of an online brochure, I hope you enjoy it.

How to create an online brochure

We have already established that it is vital to have an online presence, there may be some out there who are unsure how to go about this task, in that case, read on!

There may be some among you who are already producing literature and brochures to supplement and boost your business, if so you are already half way to producing an online brochure. You would simply use the PDF’s you already have for your printed material to create an online version of your work.

If you don’t already have PDF’S to create printed material worry not, as you simply have to create the PDF’s from any design projects that you are currently engaging in.

So here, step by step is how you would create an online brochure.

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1. Download the 3D Issue software – “Try before you buy” by downloading the 14 day Free Trial, it is fully functional which means you can enjoy every feature within the software’s; you can upload your work to 3D Issue test server or to your own site. This is the ideal way to see what you can get by converting PDF to online magazine.

2. Setup – once you have the software downloaded and ready to use, simply add your logo, FTP and SEO information. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, how your brochure will be found. You will also have the option of adding your Google Analytics ID which can track all manner of statistics which can prove invaluable to your decision making in relation to your online brochure.

Read more about tracking your brochure in “The Benefits of converting PDF to Online Magazine”

3. Import – import your PDF’s into the software.
4. Convert your PDF’s – Once you have your PDF’s imported, you can arrange them in order and this is where the fun really starts! You will then have the options to bring your online brochure to life through the use of color, rich media and an array of engaging effects. There are many resources within the 3D Issue site to aid you with your creation, these come in the form of video tutorials, live interactive webinars and other resources such as eBooks and blogs.

5. Select your output format – Once you have your PDF’s arranged and any effects that you wish to use in place, you then navigate to the Output tab, it is here that you can select what format you want your brochure to output to, this can be any of a choice of iPad, desktop reader etc.

6. Preview and build – It is at this point that where you can take a few moments to look over your creation, decide if you need any to make any last minute changes and once you are happy click ‘build’ and within a few short moments your brochure will be created.

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7. View your creation! – There are many ways to view the fruits of your labor, you can copy the URL of your publication and send it via email. You can copy it to CD’s/DVDs/USB’s and distribute it as you please, perhaps even at your next conference. You can also download the 3D Issue FlipBook Viewer App and view it on any device or you can simply log into the website and view your brochure through the browser.

Just last week the Super Bowl program was created using the 3D Issue software, you can view their creation here.

Is it about time you got your publication online?

Why not try the free, fully functional trial of 3D issue today; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



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