When Might You Not Create an App?

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app creation Modern consumer technology has moved in leaps and bounds over the past number of years. Remember when an iPod click wheel was impressive? One area in particular which has exploded is mobile browsing. According to Pew research 56% of Americans in 2013 surveyed own a smart phone. Whilst 34% own a tablet device.

But what about the old PC or MAC in the corner? Is it gathering dust? You bet. Is it facing a demise? Maybe. Why? Generally speaking the proliferation of smart phone apps and web technologies from the likes of Google like Google Docs mean that processing power is not as relevant as it once was. Many PC and MAC users are doing their creative work on-line and even a standard PC or MAC can browse the web as fast as the next. (Whilst real creative types will still require hard core power see new Mac Pro (for example)

In saying that even when PC and MAC desktop sales are sliding the computer still has a place in our lives. PC and MAC sales are at a level not seen since the mid ’90s but this still equates to some 60 Million units worldwide in 2012. So best not to forget your desktop readers. What if you want to e-mail a link to readers to download right away – no site visit necessary. E-mail attachments can get messy (the look ever so suspicious…)

Worry not by following these tips you’ll soon see there are many ways to provide digital publications direct to the desktop for download. Why not try some of the following using 3D Issue’s full trial here.

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1) Upload the off-line versions to a hosting provider e.g. a server from Filezilla and share the URL for download of the offline version specifically.

2) Upload to a free file sharing service like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft Skydrive and share the URL for download. (these are free options you could use right away)

3) Zip the folder and send via e-mail attachment to your readers this would not be as reliable for deliver as the two options above.

When building the standalone version as you have done there are four files in your project folder. The first two are the standalone versions. The first is PC the second is MAC (It is zipped already)

Remember the optimum way to view 3D Issue is in the browser here we are advising on reader downloads.

Download 3D Issue today to PC or MAC and test some PDF content. Our fully functional trial provides a 100% accurate experience of the software.

By Michael Maloney


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