3 Top Ways to Use Corporate Branding to Boost Your Magazine’s Appeal

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Corporate-BrandingYou can integrate your corporate brand in your digital magazines in numerous ways. Today I will detail the top 3 ways your business’s identity can prevail in a subtle yet effective way through your all of your ePublications from digital catalogs, newspapers, brochures, to flipbooks. As a digital publication can be viewed on all devices from PC’s to smartphones the scope for your brand to grow in recognition is vast.

1. You can have a custom background image: The background image is the area of the screen visible behind the digital publication. This background image is presented on screen as the publication is first loading and remains on screen whilst the user reads through the magazine. An ideal way to enhance your brand here could be to use an image of the product or service you provide. Or you could use an understated pattern that reflects your corporate colors and themes. In this 2 minute video tutorial below we detail how to add your own image for the backdrop of your publication.


2. You can have a custom Preloader: Preloader refers to the small image that appears to the end reader as your publication is first loading and this only appears on screen for a matter of seconds. Ideal for your company logo, this feature is so effective as it’s the first thing the reader sees and you have their full attention as they anticipate the loading of the publication. This will help keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.

3. You can have a bespoke Intro Area: Intro area refers to the area to the left of the first page of the publication. It allows for a customized image to be added. This may be in the form of a custom-made guide for your readers. The introduction area also gives you a unique selling space for featured adverts. This place is often considered the prime ad spot – a great way of generating revenue. If your brand has special offers tie them in here for a way to generate associations with your main offers.

I hope these 3 corporate branding ideas have given you inspiration today and will lead to your brand gaining traction in the digital publishing arena and further afield too.

By Audrey Henry


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