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Here at 3D Issue we are in contact daily with people from all walks of life and all sectors too, from a small Dental Practice to a Fortune 500 Marketing department and often a similar experience can occur from the small to the very large. The time to go digital problem which occurs is that the Marketing person or executive we’ve been in touch with are ready to go digital but their line manager is not.

In the current economic climate approval for even the smallest of purchases can take more time and effort that it should take – so we thought this to-the-point blog post could assist in indicating some key ways in which using digital editions can assist in the preparation and distribution of content.

Some of these points will apply to only some businesses whilst others will need to pick and choose. One theme which is prevalent amongst users of 3D Issue is that great software can be a real leveling force – so use the force!

For those who are new to 3D Issue in a nutshell 3D Issue will convert and upload soft copy publications as a digital interactive publication.


Digital editions are far and away the cheapest way to distribute a publication. Printing and distribution of hard copy collateral runs into thousands of Dollars and they can actually run out!

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A Digital edition of a publication created using 3D Issue is instantaneous. The reader clicks a link and the publication opens immediately right in front of your reader no distractions or pop-ups.


Digital editions created in 3D Issue may be shared directly from within the publication – by ‘Shared’ we mean e-mailed, Tweeted or posted to Google+ your reader’s followers can then be yours.


Digital publications are simple to carry! One of the key reasons e-books are so popular is because they take up no space and are easily navigated.


Print publications once printed and distributed are set they cannot be amended or updated, a digital edition will allow for your on-line magazine or catalog to reflect the changes you need.


Hard copy content cannot offer anywhere near the level of detail on reader statistics available in a digital edition. For more information on 3D Issue and reader behavior analysis see this blog post.

Watch out for our upcoming slide deck on this topic too, so you can really convince!

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