Has Content Syndication Got a Place in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

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content-syndicationHave you got a syndication strategy in place? Your web content can be doing more right now. Learn in today’s blog how content syndication can work for you and be a channel to market your content. You have created your content by meeting keyword variables and tracking metrics. Now that’s a winning formula, so why not go a step further?

Content syndication is the process of pushing your rss, blog, website, or video content out into third-party sites, either as a full article, snippet, link, or thumbnail according to Search Engine Watch. Delivering your content this way can drive more engagement to your site and raise further awareness of your brand or business. You can create a hub in minutes to try it for yourself.


Know your goals; do you want more blog traffic? If so, then you may be best syndicating your blog title and a few lines of text, then the reader will click for more and come to your site. You can manually add your content, add from the blog feed or other rss feeds, or get articles from email submissions. The beauty of the syndication is that, that traffic may never of found if you had not of syndicated with other content. Merging content relationships with like minded business and companies that can avail of each others web traffic that is favorable to both parties is key to the success of this.

You can gain notoriety and your content more exposure. In the syndication your content can be in a pleasant place for an audience, it can be alongside trending news, industry news, social networking, sites feeds, video feeds, and have many other interesting facets.

By Audrey Henry


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