How Important is Content Migration to your Mobile Strategy?

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Its an absolute must. Content migration is a critical part of any content marketing strategy. Your audience has transcended to newer and smaller platforms.  Making sure your content works across all browsers is no longer enough.  Today you must ensure that your content is rendering on not just the multitude of different browsers but also the ever expanding range of tablet and smart phone devices.   Whatever tools you choose to go with you need to ensure that your content renders on whatever device your readers choose to consume that content on.

Every company has content that they need to promote but with more and more devices and platforms to market their content to, it is next to impossible to manage a content migration strategy within the company as there is just too many resolutions, technologies and platforms to cater for.   This is the reason that there has been an explosion in demand for responsive technologies.  These new tools offer a much simpler and cheaper alternative to manually porting their media for mobile content strategies.

Simply by pointing your content at your RSS feeds, blogs or your CMS, these responsive web tools will extract your content and place them in dynamic forms that can be automatically shaped around the resolution of the device that your reader chooses to consume the content on. This eliminates the need for publishers to manually migrate the content by themselves, saving huge internal resource demands and expenses. The focus of your marketing department can remain focused on the content knowing that your content will render automatically on whatever device your reader chooses.

As content marketing has been the buzz word in the digital publishing sphere for the last couple of years, you can be sure that your competitors or at least the market leaders in your industry are already adapting such a strategy. With 30% of all of your traffic coming to you on mobile platforms, you simply need to have a solution that works for those platforms.  To leave 30% of your market on the table would be a critical error.

Let me show you how simple it is to implement a quick content migration strategy.   Follow the following 7 steps

1.     Sign up for 3D Issue Content Hubs

2.     Activate your account and login

3.     When you login for the first time you will be taken to the ‘new publication’ screen

4.     Add in the locations of the content that you wish to port such as an RSS feed, blog or URL

5.     Once you have added all of the sources that you want to include in this publication, click save

6.     Next, you will be taken to the design tab where you can customize your publication, add edit or remove articles  etc..

7.     Click next when you are complete and then click on publish to launch your publication.

And that’s it.  Its that simple. 3D Issue Hubs will have created a digital edition that automatically reshapes the content around the resolution of the device that your reader chooses to consume your media on. Image is thanks to the nice folks here.

By Paul Mc Nulty


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