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content marketing pyramidWe spotted this post this week and thought it was an interesting way to present the salient points from the majority of marketing communications used, to ‘add value’ as we say lets take a look at the Pyramid and how that can be used along with 3D Issue software to increase your prowess in communicating with leads, current customers or the public.

At the top of the Pyramid there is Webinars and e-Books, an obvious place to start for us!, Using 3D Issue to create digital publications from your content is an ideal way to create e-books, and soon we’ll have a .mobi, .epub file format creator too so your ebook readers won’t be left out. Webinars can be brought to life using 3D Issue, present in a different way by telling a story to your audience by demonstrating a catalog and sending e-mails from the catalog as your move through it a nice way to involve the audience.

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The next step is Video and Case studies, again here one would use 3D Issue as a great way to distribute your video, for direct mail campaigns and Tweets, a link to a 3D Issue is a nice way to show video, its intuitive and less obtrusive than a ‘Play – Me’ button.

The third step and the bulk of the model is made up of blog posts and website copy 3D Issue is a great way to demonstrate your content in an informative and involving way.

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