The top 5 content marketing ideas to remember when building a strategy

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content strategy1.       There is no quick fix

Be wary of the new explosion of Content Marketing specialists that have popped up .  The buzzword for the last couple of years has been ‘content marketing’ and with every buzz word comes a flood of sudden experts.  There is no software solution or dashboard that will solve all of your problems.  This is about building a series of test to see what content is resonating with your audience and using that data to extrapolate value.

2.       Become an Evangelist

When you have figured out what keywords and contents have tested the strongest among your audience your next step is to own these words.  Work, eat and sleep with these terms. Become the champions of this sector and ensure all of your content marketing material includes these phrases.  Once you have tested these words with your audience, you will know that these are the terms that are extracting the most value.  Its the 80/20 principle all over again.   Find the 20% of terms that are generating the 80% of traffic and focus on those words and becoming the leader in the ranking of those phrases.

3.       Retention is key

One of the key indicators that your strategy is working and, more importantly, resonating with your audience is that they are revisiting your site.  Did you ever heard that phrase,  ‘Its easy to keep a customer than to create a new one’.  The same rules apply to readership.  Make it easy for your audience to participate in your content. A good rule of blogging is to think of your article as the conversation starter.  Script your article in a way that encourages your audience to contribute to the conversation.

4.       Have value

Make sure that your content has value.  When you are ready a print magazine you would be able to spot an ‘info ad’ article instantly by the language and tone of the text. The same rules apply here.  If you get a reputation of serving only info ads, then your audience will dry up quickly.   Stop shoving your brand down their throats. Instead, constantly be adding value.  Write valuable content that assists your target audience in their tasks.  From here you can build relationships.

5.       Remember the longtail

If you are a small company competing in a big pond, it can sometimes be difficult to get your content noticed on the search engine result pages as the big guns have larger marketing teams with greater budgets.  In cases like these, I would recommend creating a long tail strategy. Long tail is basically niche marketing.  In the physical market place a video rental store was restricted by space and distribution.  They could only stock a certain number of movies.  To make money they had to restrict these movies to ‘hits’ or ‘blockbusters’.

The internet and broadband have changed all of this. Netflix is a prime example. They don’t really do mainstream titles. They focus on low cost niche / quirky titles. These movies, series or documentaries might only a handful of people but they have millions of these titles. This leads to an audience of millions.  While companies like Amazon and blockbuster fought over the smash hits, nobody was servicing the niche market.  Netflix spotted that niche and made it their own.
People no longer type in keywords into the search box on Google, they ask questions.  When looking for digital magazine software, they don’t type in “digital magazine software” , they ask “what’s the best digital magazine software?” { It’s  “3D Issue” by the way  :-)}

Think about those alternate phrases that someone could use to find your site.  Test the volume of traffic  on those terms through Google’s webmaster tool and get to work on capturing those phrases and scooping  up that untapped audience.

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By Paul Mc Nulty


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