6 Content Marketing Challenges & How to Overcome Them

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content marketing challengesThe production of high quality content brings its own rewards, namely eyeballs and interaction with the consumer; this is the highlight of any content marketer’s schedule. Actually seeing their efforts blossom and take the shape of consumers who wish to avail of the services, services that they are promoting through their content marketing efforts, is the end result that all content marketers crave and hope to achieve.

As is the case with most things in life worth having, there are certain challenges that have to be overcome in order to find yourself in this sought after position. Content marketing is no different, there are obstacles that content marketers face on a daily basis that have to be navigated and commandeered, I have listed some of the main challenges facing content marketers below:

• Lack of time

This challenge is not solely the bane of content marketers but due to the volume of content they have to continually create to engage the consumer, it can feel like there is never enough time in the day. This leads on nicely to point two…

• Producing enough content and finding the best sources to do so

The internet is awash with data and information, at times it can be an overwhelming, (not to mention time consuming), prospect to locate, present and distribute the information you require. One way to achieve fast and easy digital publishing is through content curation. Content curation involves the discovery, organizing and displaying of content relevant to a particular topic or field of interest. There are many platforms such as Paper.Li, Scoop.it, List.ly, Quora and 3D Issue’s Hubs. These tools allow you to draw content from across the web and display them in an attractive, online hub which relates to particular subjects and topics which can then be shared among consumers for their information. In the case of Hubs, your content will be presented across all platforms using its ‘publish to any device’ abilities. Once the sources you use are updated, so too will your Hub through the utilization of rss feeds from across the web. This method ensures your content is always up to date and fresh without you having to continually monitor and spend time updating your magazine and information manually.

• Producing the type of content that will engage the consumer

The accessibility and low barriers to content production and distribution leads to an overload of low quality content that floods the internet, this is where, to get noticed, you have to get creative. You have to earn and maintain the attention of the consumer by making your content stand out and most of all appeal to the consumer, make them sit up and take notice. Be them, ask yourself what you would want to see and hear if you were in their shoes, even ask yourself what would turn you off, what would you immediately surf away from?

It is often said that ‘content is king’, and while this is undoubtedly true, perhaps a different slant on it would be that the real king is the bottom line of your business, attention being the queen and content being somewhere in-between. The content you provide should ideally be aimed at a specific segment with needs that pertain to the content that you provide, it should also be available in places that they are likely to see and hear it, or at the very least somewhere that people they know will.


• Producing a variety of content

Content marketers should endeavor to use any and all means available to them to attract and retain viewers, encouraging interaction and engagement along the way. The use of images and video are a sure fire way of doing this, think of it this way, if the world has gone mobile you have to be able to attract their attention right away, you most likely only have a few seconds to grab the consumers attention. Video is already a mammoth source of content and if predictions prove true it will be the major player in the content arena, according to a BI intelligence report, online video audiences are expected to double in 2016, reaching 1.5 billion globally. That’s right 1.5 billion…

• Measuring the impact of your content

You have gone through all the hard work of creating content that is going to engage the consumer, you’re sure of it, but how do you know for sure? Ascertain which content is resonating most with the consumer using the stats analysis feature within the 3D issue Hubs platform, gain in-depth stats on your audience’s behavior and how they interact with your content. Zone in on what is working and what is not and adjust your approach going forward accordingly.

• Promoting your content

3D Issue Content Hubs collects and centralizes your online marketing content and converts it into stunning mobile web applications that can be viewed on any desktop, tablet, eReader or Smartphone. 3D Issue collects content from premium social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and YouTube. Your readers can also push content through these platforms through comments and sharing options. Hubs endows the user with the option of sharing the content through social media; you can then let the content do the legwork for you, your consumers will be happy that you are providing content that they desire and the likelihood of engagement for your business will increase.

I hope you found today’s blog helpful in a world that what can sometimes feel like a continuously uphill trek for content marketers the world over, why not make things that bit easier and try out Hubs as a means of producing, creating, curating and distributing your hard earned, premium content.



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