Content Marketing Best Practices to Impress Your Boss

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Content-Marketing-Best-PracticesFor Monday’s meeting be prepared with a few basic content marketing best practices that work for business. Think of how you can relate these practices to your company and content.

1. Give your audience useful, unique and effective content. Inform them, educate them with helpful insights into your product or service and how it can benefit them in advantageous ways.

2. When blogging use titles that start with phrases such as “top tips” “reasons to” “benefits of”. Also giving blogs that have lists, bullet points and easy to read, straight to the point discussions are a good idea.

3. Create content that allows your prospects to get a feel for your company. A behind the scenes look at the type of things that make your company tick. Post pics of new exciting developments, fun business days out, new office refurbishments, etc. This way the public can get introduced to you on a more personable level, thus building a trust through familiarity.


4. Use different content formats; consider images, photographs, image galleries, video, music, spoken word interviews, Slideshare presentations, digital newsletters, email campaigns, subscription lists, online magazines, eBrochures, etc.

5. It’s also a good content marketing practice to re-purpose your older content and give it new life, you can achieve this by creating Hub. The Hub can showcase all your online content in a dynamic way. See an example here. Now the really neat part is that all this too can be created as an app. Has your company got an app? It’s a great way to archive past issues of digital publications you may have along with all your other content. Creating a business app is a top marketing activity of late.

Hopefully your boss will be impressed, you can create trial digital publications or a trial Hub here for free. If you need any other assistance with the software, please don’t hesitate to ask at, we love speaking to each individual prospect as our team are specialized in assisting content marketing initiatives.

By Audrey Henry


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