5 Ways to Improve your Content Marketing Automation

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content-marketing-automationOften, for content marketers, there aren’t enough hours in the day. Between meetings, blogging and marketing activities it’s difficult to get it all done in one working day. Marketing automation has been designed to help marketers who don’t have the time to be wasting on the same monotonous tasks like blasting out emails every day.

Smart content marketers are and have been using automation software for some time now to their advantage. It provides them with better results and is quick and easy to implement in most cases.

According to Exact Target the content marketing automation industry was worth $3.2 billion in 2010, and is now expected to increase to $4.8 billion in 2015. Your target when using marketing automation for your business is to attract traffic. Once you have the traffic, which is the overall network usage, you can get leads, and with leads you get your customers.

New research shows that as a result, many marketing automation investments fail due to the lack of information involving how to use marketing automation successfully, many marketers just send out spam like emails, which won’t get you any recognition.

How to use marketing automation correctly

1. Don’t spam
If you were constantly getting emails from a company would you ever take the time to read them? No, because it is recognized as spam. Where many businesses go wrong when using marketing automation is broadcasting a message to their whole contact list. If your business is sending the same message to all their contacts more of your potential customers will lose interest and find you annoying. The same can be said for how you reply and interact with your customers online. Read this blog on 7 ways to set up your auto-tweets.

2. Think about the customer
Always be thinking about putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, they want to feel special and feel that they can trust you. You can do this by personalizing your emails. Maybe start with an email about a link to information on your product, send a thank you email to anyone who bought the product and then a few days later ask them to fill out a case study for you. Think about categorizing your customers according to their interests so that you’re not sending out emails to people who have no interest in a topic.


3. It’s not just about emails
Many marketers who use market automation sometimes forget about the fact that they might have thousands of followers on their social media sites, yet put all their time and money into email contacts who may have no interest in their product at all. Yes emails are the most effective way of marketing, but If you have social media sites, use them. Marketing automation was set up to get you more traffic easier, make sure to post regularly and share links to any blogs you have to share. Automate your sharing with Hootsuite. Or feed all your social sources into a Hub. This way you will have a dynamic and unique form content for your audience, be they on computers, tablets or mobiles. Your content will be responsive to any device in a Hub. Another reason why marketers love to automate with the help of a clever software tool!

4. Learn your lesson
Track open rates, and study analytics. With the help of marketing automation you can see what works best for your company, use this to your advantage. Figure out if the subject of your emails made more people open it or if it went straight to spam, decide whether your blog posts of this week were successful or if you need to change your style of writing. Experiment and see what works best for you. If most of your customers are on mobile devices ensure you content is mobile friendly, also consider creating a personalized branded app for your business.

5. Using an auto updating real-time Hub
We have designed a Content Hub software tool, which is suited to all your online content, including sources from your blog, social media sites, video channels such as YouTube and your RSS feeds. You can have all your information in one place, let your customers communicate with you through their favorite sources. With the help of the Hub all of this can be shared as one link in an email, on your website or in your social networks and can be seen on any device.

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By Georgia Keys


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