Are You Interested in Becoming Your Own Content Editor?

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content editorIn today’s blog we will examine content editing and more specifically, what it means to take on the role of content editor. Content editing is nothing new, it has been around for centuries, not to be confused with copy editing, content editors have been checking content for discrepancies, inconsistencies and generally validating the story in question to make sure it adds up and resonates with its target audience.

Content editor’s roles have changed along with evolving technology, where once a content editor’s remit was to follow the points outlined in the paragraph above, today’s digital content editors have a broader base which they have to cover. Along with its traditional role, the digital content editor remit can encompass web administration, maintaining close ties with marketing departments as part of campaigns, social media overseeing and generally curating consumer targeted data. They are responsible for fine tuning the message of the content and how it is delivered and translated on a local level. The digital editors remit is a lot broader than the traditional role.

What is new though, due largely to the shift in digital communications and information available to us and the different ways that we can now receive, view and in turn edit content, is the movement towards digital content editing on a personal and professional basis. We now have the power and the means through publications like Hubs to create your own magazine or personal newsletter, editing the content in the process.

Creating and editing your own magazine

Take for example, you wish to start a digital magazine on your favourite hobby, you would point Hubs in the direction of the Rss feeds of webpages you would usually visit and Hubs will then assemble a digital magazine for you that you could share with fellow enthusiasts. The real beauty behind this is that every time one of your source Rss feeds is updated, your publication will be updated also, ensuring your publication is always up to date and fresh.

You could then post the link to your publication through social media, (which can be shared amongst fellow enthusiasts, creating more traffic), email and other online domains that you see fit for the purpose. This approach is also a great way of driving web traffic to your website.

Not only this, but as Hubs incorporates a WYSIWYG “What you see is what you get”, editor into its interface, (basically this means that you or others can write articles to be included in your digital publication without having to know code, contributors can register their email addresses thus allowing them to submit content via email). This will enable contributors to send in their articles, opinions, blogs and snippets of relevant information, enriching your digital magazines content quality and user experience.

Different forms of media
You are not limited to the written word either, content editing can take the form of videos, music and multi-media as supported by Hubs, resulting in a responsive digital publication that is truly interactive and engaging for the reader. Hubs can also allow you to monitor everything from how long the reader spends reading your magazines, to what is the area that interests each individual reader, or what types of articles have the highest efficiency and much more.

This is imperative in deciding on what content your target market is interested in and what appeals to them most, once you have this information, you can tailor fit your publication to suit.

Another must for publications today and in turn content editors, is a publications ability to be seen across all platforms, as mentioned before in these blogs, web traffic through mobile and smartphones is huge and growing all the time, it really is imperative to have a system in place that allows your content to be seen across all platforms as Hubs does.

This approach to content editing can work across the board, and not just for hobbies, you could also use it in a professional environment. All of the points I have made can be translated to the professional workplace with the same logic. In turn, you would then, as the creator of the digital publication, find yourself as the content editor of said publication. The possibilities are endless.

Be responsible!
It is at the point I feel that I should highlight that the role of a content editor is one which should be treated with respect, you will have a responsibility that goes with the position, and such a position carries its own moral code which should be strictly adhered to. Any successful publication will always have ground rules in force; make sure your publication follows the same mantra. No advertiser will want to be associated with a magazine ort publication that is regarded in bad taste, always remember, content is king!

As a final note, the below video encompasses a lot of the points I have spoken of whilst highlighting the ever changing environment of the digital publishing world, have a watch, it conveys the message well.

By Charlie Gallagher


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