Introducing a New Content Conversion Auto Updating Tool

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Content Conversion Hubs is a new marketing tool that collates your web content into a hub. Converting your content into a hub means it then can be sent as a web link or added to your site as a hub. But not everybody knows how it works. If you find yourself in this situation, here is a webchat I had with a customer the other day, that I think will shine some light on the matter:

Q. Hi!
A. Hi! how can I help you?
Q. Can you tell me what Hubs is please?
A. Hubs is a new application that curates your web content in a hub that is always up to date with the newest information and that can be viewed on any device.
Q. What information?
A. You can set the hub to gather your web information from your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest…), Google alerts, RSS feeds, Blog posts, Flipbooks, email submissions, manually added articles, YouTube channel…
Q. How does it work?
A. You just have to tell your Hub which sources you want to use. The Hub will extract the information from these channels and periodically update as your original feeds do.

Q. It sounds good, but I don’t completely understand what you mean.
A. Here is an example as you can see; you can have all your tweets, facebook, pinterest, instagram and blog posts along with news that could interest your readers in just one place.
Q. Why would I want to use it?
A. There are a lot of benefits and advantages but to keep it short:
1. It turns your web content into a convenient source of information that’s always at hand and that customers can access wherever they are from any device.
2. It will save you time, as your Hub can also instantly create your newsletter for you, once your feeds have been added.
Does that answer your question?
Q. Yes, thanks. Also, what if I’m not very good with computers?
A. No problem, Hubs aim is to make your life easier. It has a user interface that is really intuitive, and if you ever have a question there’s a full set of step by step video tutorials available or you can contact
Q. One last question, why should I buy from you?
A. I could give you a list of reasons, but without knowing more about your needs, that list would probably sound too general. After discussing with you in more detail what your objectives are, it will be clear to both of us why you should or shouldn’t buy from us.

So there it is, if you want to know more about hubs you can contact us via e-mail: or by telephone +718-569-6212 (US), that way I’m sure we will both get a better insight in how hubs can help you reach your goals.

By Audrey Henry


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