Content Analysis Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthier Online Presence

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Content-analysisWith the growth of the online consumer economy, marketers are under pressure to deliver content in a meaningful, innovate way that will resonate with each individual.

Content Analysis Do’s:
1. Deliver a message that is relevant and personal.
2. Speak at your consumers’ level and understand their priorities.
3. Keep your news and updates varied and interesting to your target market. Marketers can gain permission to send notices of upcoming offers by mail, e-mail and texts. The customer won’t opt out if you deliver to their interests.
4. Pay attention to human behavior and monitor it regularly. For example, what devices people are viewing your content on?, and is your content suited to that type of platform?
5. Create content in other ways like through a digital flipbook, eBook, eCatalog, Lookbook, online sales brochure… these forms of content delivery can be linked to google analytics to see what pages are resonating with your reader, or to see which, links, adverts or infomation they are clicking on.
6. Producing a monthly or quarterly eMagazine and analyzing the finding and putting improvements in place to correspond with the data you have gathered will lead to an increase in online traffic if done correctly.
7. Hard work pays off, knowing what works and eliminating what doesn’t is the key to future success.


Content Analysis Don’ts:
1. Don’t allow your content to go stale. Add new information. Use a software that auto updates your content!
2. Don’t let it out date as an audience may get the feeling you have not updated in a long time, and perhaps your business has moved or closed down.
3. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Be adventurous, try new technologies.
4. Don’t fixate over a days analysis. Monthly periods are better to analyze as the more data and figures you have to go on.
5. Don’t guess; instead go with the facts your analysis finds. Solid figures on a page count for more than blindly shooting in the dark.
6. Don’t just produce a blog and think your work is done. You can build an audience using your existing content believe it or not! You have this unique content on your site, deliver it in new, fresh ways. By creating a content Hub made up of your RSS feeds you can have a dynamic form of marketing your content in minutes. This too you can analyse to see its effectiveness.

By Audrey Henry


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