How to Use Content Aggregation Tools for Your Online Marketing

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Content-Aggregation-ToolsAttention marketers, have you heard of Content Aggregation Tools? Now a days most professional are trying to devise a marketing strategy that delivers online content in a contemporary manner. A company can achieve competitive strength by the tools they choose to aggregate their content with.

Once an organization or business has determined the means in which they want to reach their customer, they can ask themselves is this cutting edge enough? Is our content being displayed and delivered in the best possible way? Why am I asking this? Well, because making a connection is the key to communicating product value. And of late marketers are striving to find the most effective tools for this task.

Be aware of opportunities that exist. For example, have you ever heard of Hubs? It’s a content aggregation tool that collates content from your online sources and presents them under one url that you can share via social networks, email campaigns or include on your website. Marry web content with hub technology to transform information into valuable marketing content.


Advantages of aggregating your content:

1. Even if you don’t have a responsive website the content in your hub will adjust to any screen size. The hub you create will be responsive.

2. All your online content can be viewed in one place. Please view this hub example.

3. Collaborations: You can create hubs that are made up of many contributors. Meaning that companies you partner with can come together in the hub. All parties can add content via email or RSS feeds. A prime example of this would be a collection of Wedding businesses creating a hub together, sections could be entertainment, flowers, photographers, venues, food and wine, clothes, accessories, honeymoon.

4. No need for you to manually update: Once created, your hub will check on the sources and auto update your hub as the original sources are added to.

By Audrey Henry


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