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connect with customersOne of the most asked questions in Marketing forums is “why aren’t leads converting?” Most of the time the answer to this problem is in the way you connect with your customers, and believe it or not, the content you share and publish has a lot to do with it.

To better understand the whole idea behind conversion optimization through content let’s explore two examples of websites competing in the travel industry:

Website 1:
• Ranking keywords: 18K
• Click through rate: 10%
• Website visits: 25k
• Conversion rate: 1%
• Sales: 250

Website 2:
• Ranking keywords: 10K
• Click through rate: 25%
• Website visits: 30k
• Conversion rate: 7%
• Sales: 2100

Both sites target the same audience. Their products have no significant differences and they use pretty similar SEO strategies. Other promotional activities such as paid advertising carried out by both companies have a similar budget too.

The only big difference between the 2 business is that the one with the second website knows everything about their audience. Previous to creating any of their strategies they’ve carried out an extensive research that allowed them to determine their perfect customer persona.

When you know what your audience is looking for, where they are looking for it and when they are more likely to respond creating high effective campaigns is much easier.

Here’s how both companies’ Facebook targeting looked like:

Website 1:
People who liked “Travelling”, “Holidays” or “Sri Lanka” related pages, are 25 to 35 years old, and are located in the US.

Website 2:
People who liked “Surfing”, “Los Angeles Beach” or “Battenwear”, are 20 to 24 years old, and are located in California.

Website 2 however, didn’t stop there. In an attempt to connect with their customers and understand their needs at a higher level, they joined the most popular threads, forums, and Facebook groups about surfing.

Thanks to this strategy they became familiar with common problems among their target audience and could tailor their content to better suit their audience’s needs.

Instead of creating posts filled with pictures from the beach and their promotional offers, they focused on creating guides on how to get to isolated beaches in California that are good for surfing.

The company with Website 1 on the other hand created a perfectly well optimized website following all the SEO best practices. Although they ranked pretty high on search, they failed to create the content their audience needed which lead to lower conversion rates.

Today’s Lesson

All marketing strategies from SEO to paid advertising should work together towards your main goal, get leads and convert them into sales by offering customers what they are seeking. That’s how people will see the added value of what you are offering.

If you have a channel that you believe is not engaging your audience enough, start a qualitative and quantitative research and try to define and know your target niche and their needs as much as possible.

Content distribution platforms like Hubs can help you identify the content that is getting a higher response rate and that is preferred by your audience without having to spend hours looking at figures, so you can connect with your customers better.

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