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Companies communication methodsWhere would we be without communication? Try to imagine for a second that there was no communication throughout the entire world, where would we be? Imagine entire nations across the globe that didn’t or couldn’t communicate, how would they pass on knowledge and wisdom to one another? Would they have to start from scratch in everything they do even if their near neighbours had better methods for certain tasks? How would we advance as a species without the art of communication? How we would gain individualism and culture? How could we improve our capacity of knowledge as whole without communication? We simply couldn’t if we couldn’t share and learn from our experiences, communication is the very lifeblood of our education and prosperity.

Imagine a world without conversation, art, history, music, news and culture and you are getting close to imagining what a world without communication would entail.

The same methodology applies to business and how a company communicates with the consumer and the world in general, without communication the company would be living in a world of chance, chance that people would find them and chance that they would invest in their services. Of course the other side of the coin would be how would people find them and more pertinently, how would they even know what they do and the value they may offer?

The evolving realms of communication

Ever since the days of men on horseback delivering handwritten scrolls to the fibre fast communication that we enjoy today, communication has been with us through thick and thin, delivering some of the most important messages the world has ever known. In today’s world, the explosion of digital communication has compounded this even further, the deluge of options available to companies can make it hard to decipher what it is you really need and what will make a difference to your company.

It seems a far cry from paper and pencil, mailshots and fax machines but the reality of the situation is that communication has taken huge strides in recent years; these strides can be traced back to one key factor, the internet. The internet has opened up the doors of communication that we could only have dreamt of a few short years ago, emails, instant messaging, conference calls, Skype; email newsletters, social media, blogs, the list goes on and on. This is an advancement from the ordinary mobile phone which in itself was a milestone in terms of communication, offering us calls on the move and text messaging.

Access to the internet on the move

So we can clearly see we have many options available to us so but there has been a fairly recent development to an already saturated market of options, the smartphone. The smartphone has revolutionised an already revolutionary marketplace. Remember this is a marketplace that has opened up vast arenas of opportunities in recent years and the introduction of the smartphone, ‘our PC on the go’, has only exacerbated this.

Many of us now use our smartphones to browse the web daily; the 2012 Channel Preference Study by Mobile Marketing Magazine found that over half of consumers use their mobiles to check e-mails throughout the day, while 29 per cent checked their e-mail constantly throughout the day. This represents a huge market base that, in order to stay afloat and be successful, it is essential that your business caters for.

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It is estimated that by the end of 2012 there was 2.1 billion mobile web active mobile-broadband subscriptions in the world. That is 29.5 percent of the global population accessing the web from their mobile phones. It is estimated by 2014 mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage. Couple this with an average increase of 40% per year for mobile broadband subscriptions over the last three years and you start to get a clearer picture of the behemoth in our midst. Smartphones are not the only advancement in terms of technology; we now have notebooks, tablets and other devices with which we can gain access to online content. In fact as recently as last month we seen the introduction of the Samsung Smart Watch, couple this with Google glass and the soon to be released Apple devices of the same ilk and we can see where the market is heading.

With this in mind it is essential that your company not only utilizes these many communication channels, some of which I mentioned earlier in this blog, but also that these lines of communication are available through mobile devices, research has shown that over 40% of your web traffic now comes from mobile devices. Your content must also be responsive, it must be able to be automatically lay out to suit the resolution of the device that the audience choose to consume the content on. This trend is following an upward curve and it is only a matter of time before mobile devices outperform desktop PC’s in terms of web traffic. Platforms such as 3D Issue Hub supply such a responsive resolution for your marketing content; its use of html 5 allows your publications to be viewed across any platform. An absolute must in today’s mobile world.

Keep the lines of communication open

In the same way that you can buy a pair of football boots but they alone won’t get you on the team or those ski’s gathering dust in your attic won’t guide you down the piste on their own, the same applies to communication. It is something you will have to work at, spend time creating original, relevant content for. You have to consistently keep these lines of communication open, as mentioned earlier you have various methods at your disposal; use them and use them frequently. It is your job to uncover, create and distribute content that will advise, inform and ultimately convince the consumer to invest in your product.

The use of social media and blogs is a premium method of encouraging interaction with consumers, these are channels that you can gain real feedback from real people; these are portals that can have a direct impact to your company and the way it is perceived. Treat these channels and your customers with the respect they deserve and you will reap the rewards. Combine all the factors I have mentioned in this blog and you will not only be regarded as a thought leaser in your field but you will also be promoting your brand in a positive way that will be remembered by consumers the next time they have a decision to make.

I’d like to finish this blog off with a quote by Abraham Harold Maslow which I think suits the subject matter in hand very well.
“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”

By Charlie Gallagher


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