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coca-colaThis blog deals with the integration of digital media in the marketing strategy of one of the most popular brands worldwide – Coca Cola. Thus, Coca –Cola has recently launched an interactive digital magazine called ‘Coca-Cola Journey’. According to this article, this effort is part of the company’s multi-year, multi-million-dollar investment in its content publishing

Some of the key points considered to incorporate digital media in the company’s marketing efforts were:

•  To better engage consumers

•  To enhance the brand’s corporate presence online

The company’s inspiration to go digital came from a quarterly internal magazine called Journey (1987-1997). The company has reported that they intend to keep on posting corporate updates, such as press releases, earnings reports, job openings, and executive biographies; nevertheless, the main focus will be keeping the design like ‘a digital magazine’

What is new in the Coca- Cola digital magazine?

Coca-Cola Journey provides a variety of new features to capture the interest of fans, which include the following:

•  A storytelling platform where fans can read about a range of categories such as brands, community, entertainment, the environment and health.

•  Social cause topics and news: Consumers can get updated information on social cause topics and Coca-Cola news

•   Debate and dialogue: Consumers can also engage in debate or dialogue with the company and each other

•  Interactive features: Coca-Cola Journey will also provide consumers with interactive features such as videos, photography, audio clips, infographics, and user-generated polls.

Undoubtedly, digital magazines are becoming the new trend as reports show they can be effective channels to achieve two of the most important goals any company has: engage the target groups and enhance brand awareness. If you are interested about integrating a digital magazine in your marketing efforts, e-mail us at

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