Is there a future for co-curation in content publishing?

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Its tough keeping up with all of the new buzz words in the digital publishing sphere but for this month the term that has our audiences attention seems to be “Co-curation”. FlipBoard announced a couple of weeks ago that they have launched a new feature within their software that allows your friends to collaborate on your publications and help you enhance a single magazine.   While this is an interesting feature for the business to consumer market, does it have a place in the business to business market?

I think so.  While it is not really a main stream tool, collaborative publishing has been around for a long time in one form or another in the print industry.  We see it already see use cases of co-curation or collaborative publishing with our 3D Issue Hubs customers.  One example is of an organisation that run a European funded project which has several member companies and personal spread throughout Europe.  They each contribute several articles each for each issue of their newsletter and they use Hubs as the platform to pull the collaborative content together.  Another example of a uses case is a local secondary school who use Hubs to create a school newspaper.  Each student is allowed to submit articles to their editor for consideration.  These are two prime examples of how co-curation can be used within the software.

3D Issue Hubs has been designed to account for this new trend.  With Hubs we have added a feature that allows publishers to add collaborators to their publications.  There are 2 alternate methods for doing this.


1.       The editor can add each collaborator as an authorised editor which would allow them to login and edit any publication that has been created using the editor’s account

2.       The editor can add each collaborator via email.  This would allow each collaborator to submit content via email.  The user would be given a specific email address to submit the content  to and a unique subject heading that includes the publication id and the name of the article.   This method is more popular for editors who still wish to retain some control of the editorial process or monitor the quality of content that is been submitted

Co-curation can be an interesting way of adding more personality and perspective to your magazines. It can also be used as a way to allow your readers to “become editors for a day” and allow them to edit your magazine or archive of articles to create a publication that is more matched to their interests and allow them to share this bespoke publication through their social network.

By Paul Mc Nulty


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