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Catalog Templates The world is online.

I thought I would start off today’s blog with this short, yet thought provoking comment. It is no exaggeration to say that the bulk of the population of our planet is in the main, online, all the time. Across all time zones, in nearly every corner of the world the internet is relentless in its delivery and workrate. No matter what type of content you are searching for, someone, somewhere has provided it and someone somewhere else is coming up with new versions of it, the amount of data and content being created on a daily basis is mind boggling.

This sheer volume of content, whilst being a fantastic resource, probably the greatest we have ever known, makes it increasingly difficult to attract, and to retain, the consumer and their eyeballs. The online domain is becoming akin to a bounty of storefronts and the consumer the window shopper, looking in and deciding whether or not they like what they see.

Catalog Templates

There may be some among you thinking, why do I need an online catalog? What will it do for me? Well there are many examples of how the online catalog has flourished, indeed some have exceeded expectations such has been their overwhelming success. The online world has expanded quicker than many would have imagined, we have, in a relatively short space of time gone from browsing the web on home PC’s to having the internet at hand at our every turn, from smartphones to tablets and smartwear, the internet of things is all around us and growing by the day.


Have a look at these 11 Inspirational E-Magazine Design Ideas and some great examples of online publications.

Online publications take many guises such as brochures and catalogs, these traditional pieces of literature have been given a new lease of life through the power of interactive features and rich media which make the consumer’s journey more enjoyable and enriched. Think of it this way the consumer is browsing the web looking for a particular product, they find two catalogs, one with information on static pages and another which utilizes all the benefits of being online, stimulating the senses with audio, video and imagery.

Which one do you think will retain the consumer for the longest?

Which one do you think has the best chance of engagement leading to leads and ultimately sales?

Here you will find a detailed guide focused on Creating a Catalog for Online Viewing.

Below is a tutorial explaining how to Integrate a Shopping Cart into your Catalog

In an arena as vast as the internet, the presentation and delivery of your content is vital, some would even venture as far as to say it is crucial. The opportunities for consumers to sift their way through a mountain of content effortlessly will no doubt appeal. The monetization aspect for the platforms themselves, through advertising within the publications and link ups to the sites containing the products, ensure that it is a win-win situation for all concerned. With the ever soaring numbers of smartphone and tablet users the future looks very bright indeed for this particular market.



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