The Steps from Hard Copy Prints to Digital Catalogs to Catalog App

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catalog-appYou showcase your products through a catalog so your customers can see what you offer, read the information and check the specifications of the produce you have. This will all help with the decision to buy.

Digitizing your catalog means you can expand your customer base. Digital marketers are constantly reporting on the new email marketing campaigns that involve a link to some exciting content, make that content your digital catalog. It can be sent to your existing mailing list; title it “this season’s unmissable trends” for example. Keeping them involved in your goods and services with regular email and website updates should be in your strategy.

Imagine if your catalog could be published as an app. Marketers are realizing their new target market are virtually all on mobile devices, shopping, browsing, even socializing so reaching out to these audiences is vital.


I mention that people are socializing on mobile devices because this is another key area opening up for business. Friends sharing their likes and purchasing on social networking sites is fantastic means of organic promotion for your business. The teenage market, especially, likes to show and share their preferences like never before. This boils down to free advertising for brands, services, and products. Only today I noticed a friend thanking a hair salon publicly on Facebook for a recent style they got, with a link to the hair salon and a gorgeous pic of the happy customer sporting the new style. It already had over 30 likes by 10am! You couldn’t pay for that type of promotion. Keep in mind the content and subsequently and catalogs you create should drive sales.

Asking your customer permission to use their sale as a promotion is proving a growing trend. In a catalog, include a section for customer feedback, a review, or a case study segment. This will naturally prompt the customer, you featured to share the link they have contributed to.

By Audrey Henry


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