Top Tips on Producing a Business Brochure on a Budget

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Business-BrochureOk, so you need a brochure for your business. With a well designed brochure you are armed with great marketing material, as the brochure has remained one of the most successful elements in the evolution of promotional products.

You may ask yourself “do I design it myself or seek the capabilities of a professional?” We appeal you do the latter. Poor design can bring down the whole look of your business. Keep your standards high when it comes to your corporate identity, branding and marketing content, always. This reflects your product or service, if it is not a high standard the public tend to get the impression your product may not be either.

You have invested some of your revenue in the manufacture of the brochure including the design, printing and distribution. Now you can weigh up the figures by seeing the results and the fruits of your labor. A good idea to gauge the effect of a printed brochure would be to put an offer on it, “10% discount with this brochure coupon”, by seeing how many sales you generate this way you can evaluate the investment and strive to improve on it.

Another question we would like to consider is whether your business is local or international. As producing a digital brochure for reaching overseas markets without the postal costs is something you do easily with an online business brochure. Speed is of the essence here, with short time offers, or seasonal sales and promos the fast delivery of an email with the link to your digital brochure attached can have an immediate effect on sales. eBrochures can have interactive elements, such as video, audio, hyperlinks and many more features that can enhance a promotion.

Printing costs can average 1, 000 Euro for 10,000 brochures. Once the offer is over a whole new brochure needs to be printed. Please see below an example of printed brochure costs:


Ask yourself how many business brochures your company would use per annum? And then ask yourself how many would you produce if you could produce limitless brochures? By investing in a digital publishing software you can produce as many digital brochures as you like with the lifetime license of the 3D Issue software and reach your market on PC, MAC, laptop, mobile ad tablet devices.
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I hope you enjoyed the cost effective business brochure production tips in today’s blog, thank you for reading.

By Audrey Henry


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