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build your brand using ebooksInspired by an article posted today by marketing consultant Karen Leland, the Huffington Post reports on using eBooks to build a brand.

It was also reported that digital books are being published and sold to the extent of $440 Million in the first Quarter of 2011, so there is a lot of money out there to be made.

Also we learn that the recent ebook publishing phase with e-Pubbers in particular is to price at the low end of the spectrum, around the $2.99 mark is what people are coming to expect. Leland comments that the eBook is a useful tool to send to a prospective client in advance of a meeting, a good tool to drive traffic towards your site and produces a nice giveaway.

3D Issue is well poised to take advantage of these brand building ideas, using digital publishing as part of communications process is vital for an up to the minute cut through and a feeling that you are keeping your customers informed.

And this is exactly what 3D Issue will let you do, turn that marketing collateral into a working piece of communications quicker than before and then spread the word fast.

3D Issue makes a great sales piece with or without the sales person, can bring a brochure to life with Movie and Audio tracks, also allowing the reader to add notes and bookmarks and to share via posting to their wall on Facebook.

And on the topic of Notes here is a clever bit to note, all the content added via Notes is stored locally on the readers PC or Mac so even when a reader reads on-line the notes are saved and accessed via 3D Issue.

The eBook can be used in so many ways it is really down to the creator in how they will leverage the ability to communicate digitally in a way which is so involving and enjoyable for the reader.

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