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3D Issue contains a useful feature in both the Lite and the Pro-Pro5 editions called Archive. The Archive feature is provided where necessary by a publisher with the goal of connecting all back making a digital archiveissues of a publication.

The archive is like a digital bookshelf which allows for a simple navigation without leaving the current publication. The use of an archive is important in digital publishing as it provides the following advantages:

• Readers sometimes enjoy back issues sometimes as much as the current edition!
• Digital publishing allows for the easy navigation through multiple editions therefore it does not make sense not to use it;
• Connecting your publications demonstrates the amount of your content available in one place;
• There is a theme emerging in publishing of older publications being re-introduced to the market as digital editions by building an archive from the beginning you’ll be prepared!

Adding the Archive to a 3D Issue digital publication is straightforward once put in place:

1) In the Design Tab under Features Check the ‘Archive option’ this ensures your readers are presented with the archive option in their publication toolbar once it has been uploaded;
2) Then on the ‘Output’ tab under ‘On-line’ the following steps must now be carried out:

A) On the Output tab open the ‘Upload’ sub menu if your server details have already been entered click edit. (If the server details have not been entered proceed to do so and follow the archive set up steps outlined here from your 2nd publications as the archive is only relevant for 2nd and subsequent publications). Under ‘Upload’ the software shall present the file structure of your server. The first requirement is to select your folder for the publication itself to be stored in.

output tab

B) Select a folder and click on Next to see the following screen which at first glance may appear like the one above but it is different see highlights below:

archive file

C) Your archive file should be stored at the same level as the issue being uploaded. Note – You do not actually see the archive file but it is required to connect your archive to all your publications. Once the archive file is in place this step does not have to be reapeated.
For example:
• If your website is
• and you upload magazines to
• it is advised to create a folder called ‘archive’ and place this alongside your publications in the Magazine subdirectory for the archive file which we suggest be called

D) As outlined below note the upload is directed at the ‘Issueone’ folder in the Samples subdirectory whilst the Archive file is placed in the same Samples folder think of it as sitting alongside the ‘Issueone’ publication so they are in the same sub folder. Click finish in the box below to save your settings.

save settings

E) Now that the archive file is placed on your server click ‘Build’ to begin the upload process. The software will ask ‘Do you wish to upload to your archive’ select ‘yes’ the following dialog box is presented which allows for the addition of Groups and tabs on the archive in this sample the Tabs are Property Magazines and Garden Magazines respectively.

additional tabs

3D Issue will now ask at every upload whether or not you wish to add your publication to the archive and present the layout option as presented above allowing for an easy addition to your digital library.

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