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brochure-ideasFrom bracelets to boleros the scope for the online brochure remains strong.

Promotion of Autumn and Winter collections is now in full swing as we see our customers using the software for a variety of such brochures. As Christmas and the holiday season are approaching we see an increase in the number of brochures popping up on a daily basis. Our long term customers re-launching their brochures to suit this seasons merchandise. New customer trying theirs out. And existing customers merging into new markets with companion products. They are all championing the brochure as a marketing definite.

Here is an example of a fashion retailer from San Francisco Weston Wear. Be blogged before about how this business embodies their digital brochure on their webpage as an iframe. An idea for brochure display worth checking out. If your web traffic is good; entice your visitor to shop there too with as many appealing options as you can. You can add a shopping cart to your brochure with 3D Issue easily too.


Many businesses can avail of an online brochure from property to tourism. From food menus to university prospectuses, there are many brochure ideas that especially suit online retail in varied forms. Orders are increasingly placed online, so having your digital brochure suitable for all devices is so important. You don’t want to miss out on a percentage of your market because your content won’t load on a tablet!

Another brochure idea would be to change the layout, a brochure is usually A4 which is 210 x 297mm. There is no reason you can’t try other sizes for your product. We regularly see landscape and elongated formats like the Pandora one below. The 3D Issue software can deal with a multitude of sizes so as long as you can produce a PDF of it you can create an ebrochure from it too. With the Pandora Jewelry eBrochure it is easy to find the perfect gift for any occasion. See all the beautiful Pandora gifts displayed in their digital brochure below; click on the image to launch the eBrochure!


If you like these ideas why not create your own e-brochure FREE for 14 days, as 3D Issue invites you to try out a full version of the software.

By Audrey Henry


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