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branded contentLike them or loath them adverts are a part of our everyday lives, when you turn on the television, radio or even just walk down the street they are vying for your attention at every turn. They can also be found through various entertainment mediums such as films and video games and perhaps more pertinently these days, when you go online, making their reach substantial. All is not rosy within the advertising garden though, one only has to think how many times they have been surfing the net and have been bombarded with adverts and pop-up windows? To say it can get irritating for the consumer may be putting it lightly, it has got to such a stage that consumers, (I am talking from experience here!), will automatically close pop-ups and surf past adverts automatically, looking on them as more of a hindrance and annoyance than any form of informative literature or information.

Getting creative

Brands have had to get more creative in their approach, after all an advertiser’s worst nightmare is the loss of the consumer’s attention. No one likes to be spoken at or to; everyone wants to feel part of the story. Everyone enjoys being informed and entertained; the brands remit was how to convey this while informing the consumer of their product. Companies have had to devise a way to both entertain whilst informing and ultimately selling. No mean feat, and one which requires more thought, creativity and investment on the brands part. This approach whilst more costly, would prove to yield more traction with the consumer and in turn forge a long standing relationship with them. The brands aim is to intertwine the content with their product leaving both the consumer and the brand feeling satisfied with the outcome, the brand with the attention and retention of the consumer and the consumer with the content on offer, a win-win situation for all concerned.

A recent study carried out by Forbes/IPG Media has unearthed some interesting statistics concerning branded content. During a survey of 2,259 participants from Forbes.com, consumers were shown web pages containing branded content from three different sectors and, this is where it gets interesting, those looking at pages with branded content were more 41% more likely to express an intent to buy than those who saw a regular page with no branded content. In a similar vein those who saw branded content were 28% more likely to have a favorable view of the brand due to their connection with high quality, relevant content.

Interesting stats I’m sure you will agree and one’s that further underline the effect that quality content and efficient delivery can have on consumers. Branded content is resonating with consumers; it may be that they see branded content as more trusted and shareworthy, the same study outlined that consumers were also 41% more likely to share the content from Forbes.com versus the brands own website. One other survey that links well with this was undertaken by TEkGroup International who, while conducting their social media news survey on sharing habits found that respondents were using social media daily. 90% of those surveyed stated they were using Twitter, Facebook and blogs on a daily basis as a means of following news and information. Social media is a huge arena, one which branded content can thrive when implemented properly.

The survey also found that:

• 35% were frequently visiting a corporate website for news

• 54% believe social media is important to follow news

• 78% use Facebook to follow, share and discover news

• 86% use Twitter as a news source

This only further underlines the fact that social media is now a part of our lives more than ever before; in previous blogs we have spoken about how it is often the first port of call for consumers seeking news or updates. It is imperative that brands integrate themselves into these platforms without being intrusive to the viewer’s experience. So, how do we do this you might ask? Branded content seems to be the answer. It stands to reason that when you inform, entertain and build a relationship with a consumer that you will gain more traction than employing your run of the mill, one direction, self-serving advertisement. When you give people information they find interesting and engaging they are ever more likely to take notice of the content and the brand associated with it and also the location they see or hear it.

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Using platforms like Hubs to enhance your branded content

To truly resonate with your potential consumers you are going to have to go that extra yard in terms of the content you create but also in the delivery of the content. Consumers have access to more devices and through these, different mediums than ever before; brands have to ensure that they are reaching out through all these portals. It defeats the point of spending all that time and money creating outstanding content and then finding the consumer can’t view it on the device they prefer. Utilizing Hubs for your branded content will enable you to not only create the content, but also ensuring it is viewable across whatever device the consumer chooses to view it on.

Maximum reach is what all brands require; by using Hubs you are effectively creating one strategy for all devices; creating responsive publications for tablets and smartphones, allowing for consistent presentation of content across all devices. Using Hubs will enable you to invigorate all the senses through its multimedia integration capabilities. Hubs has many facets that can aid your branded content creation and distribution; I have listed some of these vital qualities below.

These features include the ability of:

Social media sharing – promote your content throughout your social network with social sharing tools. Allow your readers to help increase traffic to your content by enabling them to easily customize your content around their interests and promote your content through their social network.

– Video and audio integration – Integrate video & multimedia into your responsive content. Youtube has a million video downloads per day; this is a market that simply cannot be ignored.

– API abilities – RESTFUL API that exposes all of the functionality to all users. With this you can build your content in any language, on any platform and integrate into all of your applications.

– Built in statistics engine – Watch everything from how long the consumer spends reading your content, to what are the areas that interest each individual reader the most, or what types of articles have the highest efficiency.

– Custom URL’s – create your own unique URL’s to suit your brand and make your content archive resonate with your audience and enhance your search engine visibility.

– Responsive layouts – dynamically check the resolution of your readers’ device and automatically format your content to suit that resolution. No pinching or zooming, just beautifully formatted pages.

– The ability to publish to any platform (an essential tool in today’s smartphone laden world) – your content will automatically adapt to fit the resolutions of any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone device.

Try Hubs for free today.

By Charlie Gallagher


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