Improve your Brand Reputation Online with These Content Marketing Strategies

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Brand-Reputation-OnlineThere are many advantages to having a good brand reputation online:

1. Increased traffic to your website.

2. Organic social sharing and liking of your posts.

3. Natural commenting on your brand’s content in forums.

4. Online audiences recommending your product or services to friends via online means; for example a group discussion on Linked In or through a public share to a friends timeline on Facebook.

Factors that help brand reputation online:

1. Having a strong logo and corporate identity across all your brand platforms.

2. Use high quality images, designs and photographs to market your business, ensuring your brand always keeps to it’s core principles.


3. Write up a brand policy document outlining standards that must be met relating to use of corporate branding and how it should be implemented. State, for example the pantone color references of the company colors, names and sizes of the fonts used in logotypes, etc.

4. Producing quality, relevant, unique content in the form of digital publications, videos, and eBrochures. Showcase your products or services through these means and ensure your brand’s publications are designed specifically to suit your identity. Helpful ways to do this include adding your own background image to an online publication. Please see the tutorial video below outlining the steps on how to achieve this easily.

5. All your online content can be aggregated in the form of a Hub. This is a trend that content marketers are now embracing. It is a super effective way of sharing one single link to all your online content, ideal for emailing campaigns, additional content website and for sharing on social sites.

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By Audrey Henry


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