5 Advantages of Creating a Brand Hub

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The world is awash with information and content, whilst having too much content at our disposal can never be regarded as a negative aspect, it can have some potential drawbacks. Place yourself in the shoes of the consumer, at nigh on every turn of every minute of their day someone is trying to deliver them a message, sell them an idea, whilst this monumental amount of data can be intriguing, it can also prove to be overwhelming to the consumer.

On average, companies use 13 different online platforms to promote and engage with their readers but don’t have a single location where their audience can access that content. 3D Issue Content Hubs allows you to centralize all your content into responsive mobile applications instantly.

In today’s blog I will outline 5 advantages of creating a hub for your brand and your content,

1. A centralized approach to your marketing

The centralization of branding has many benefits for the companies in question; these include but are not restricted to:

Consistency of messaging

Maintenance of quality

Ease of management

Cost efficient

Stronger presence, no dilution through multiple accounts

The building of in-house expertise

The potential to build accounts with high numbers of followers (core audience)

Easier for users – i.e. there’s only one account to follow

One voice


2. In depth analysis of your content

Ascertain which content is resonating most with the consumer using the stats analysis feature within the 3D issue Content Hubs platform, gain in-depth stats on your audience’s behavior and how they interact with your content. Zone in on what is working and what is not and adjust your approach going forward accordingly.

3. Enable a deeper engagement and understanding of the consumer

Forging a strategy in terms of engaging with the consumer and in turn developing a deeper understanding of your consumer’s wants and needs is crucial to your marketing efforts. Understanding which content the consumer is viewing the most and what it is that the consumer wishes to see more of, enables you to further open the door of engagement by providing the type of information they actively seek.

4. Availability across all devices through responsive content

With mobile web traffic expected to supersede fixed internet access this year for the first time ever, this is a facet of the market which businesses simply cannot ignore, it is estimated that up to 40% of your web traffic will now be mobile. This is a staggering number. In no other walk of life would you ignore 40% of your business so why would you do it online?

5. Publish to any platform

Simply ensuring your content works across all browsers will no longer suffice, in today’s smartphone driven world, (and the ever expanding usage of tablets and the soon to be probable adoption of smart wear), your content has to be available through whatever device the consumer chooses to consume said content on. This content digestion can take place anywhere, at any time, it could happen in the home or the commute to work, and when it does you and your content have to be ready and available.

Using 3D Issue will enable you to position yourself as a ‘one stop shop’ for the consumer, a font of knowledge that not only has content pertaining to your specific company but also to your area of expertise at large, this can come in the guise of the latest moves within your industry, trends or simply news that will help the consumer along their journey.

Create a brand hub for your company today using 3D Issue Hubs.



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