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brand guidelinesMany of our customers use 3D Issue as it is ‘out of the box’ and this is no bad thing, but we’ve seen some great customer samples this week where content creators are working with their graphic designers to add a touch of their branding to each publication.

Of course each publication includes your logo but there is more….

There are a few ways to do this and if you’ve not looked into them you really should they include:

1. Brand your Intro area with logo;
2. Add a custom background for each publication;
3. Add custom buttons for readers;
4. Change the icon color to your brand colors;
5. Add a custom banner option;
6. Add a custom language and re-name the reader toolbar options as you wish to.

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There are many advantages to using these options in the software.

A)    Your publication will stand out as the proliferation of digitized content continues unless you are avoiding cut through you should ‘brand’ at every opportunity.

B)    If readers are to share your content and you really do want them too make sure that it is identifiable as your content right away avoid any potential confusion;

C)    Makes the publication your own the default buttons in 3D Issue are used by publications over and over again – yet a quick .png file later and your getting more from the software again that you were previously = brownie points for reader engagement.

For more information on how to update and work with the following watch out in the Blog or check out the past tips and tricks articles, or e-mail us

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