Boosting conversions from digital marketing material

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Boosting conversions“We want to increase our number of leads” this is a phrase we often hear from customers who are looking to use 3D Issue to transform their print marketing material into digital versions. Digital editions can really engage readers and therefore be a powerful lead generation tool. If you want to enhance conversions from marketing brochures then consider these top tips:

Use your knowledge
Your Digital marketing brochure created with 3D Issue can give you valuable information, take a look at the statistics from the online brochure and review some key areas; Where are visitors are coming from, where visitors are leaving, volume of traffic to specific areas. You will be able to see from this data how users are behaving and identify any problem areas, pages for example that are not calls to action but have a high exit rate. Understand what is interesting the readers and what is simply ignored.

Avoid common email marketing mistakes
If you are sending a digital newsletter as a link via email to your prospects then consider a few email marketing top tips from experts HubSpot

It’s all about your call to actions!
Your digital marketing material needs to have powerful, relevant and focused calls to actions if you want to convert readers to a leads. The good news, is this is very easy to implement.

Decide on what action you want readers to take when reading your brochure….for example your overall goal may be for them to sign up to a newsletter, enter a competition, buy products or to request a trial. Your call to action is the hotspot that covers text and images which attract and influence readers to click on that area to take that action. Once the hostpsot is clicked on you may direct them to a landing page on your website that has either the sign up form, trial request or buy now page.

create e-magazine

Take some time to think about the design of the call to action area. Design the CTA to stand out, be specific and to communicate to the reader exactly what you want them to do and what benefits they will receive. Take a look at this article that shows 5 examples of Effective Calls to Action

Use the advantages of digital – optimise!
Going digital with your marketing brochures and newsletters gives you the chance to deliver content in a number of ways; audio, video, images and text – so instead of simply converting your pdfs to an exact print replica, add in interactivity to optimise the material…. if you are trying to get readers to sign up to a free trial for example why not include a video in your brochure that highlights some key features and how easy the product/service is to use.


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