Add a bookshelf and an alternative language

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Digital publicationMany of our customers and readers out there will be familiar with the ability to add in an Archive feature to the publications you create with 3D issue, to show how the publication can work so that readers can access back issues from within the publication.

Another possible use for the Archive is to add in an alternative language edition for customers where there may be another language which is applicable to your audience so to change language your readers can have the option of clicking on the archive and navigating to another publication or use a link which you may have provided elsewhere both will do the same thing but it is nice to have options and the in publication switch is probably slicker.

Here is that original blog post we did all about the archive and for the option to be relevant for another language you will need to create a publication with a custom language do this by adding a translation from the options menu – More on that to come or let us know about your query today e-mail us



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