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blog-to-digital-magazinesA few weeks ago we launched Version 5 of 3D Issue which introduced several great new features to the HTML5 digital magazine software. You may have noticed that we packaged a new digital magazine solution along with 3D Issue version 5 – This application focuses on your existing web content, so whilst 3D Issue converts PDFs into digital magazines, 3D Issue Hubs (the added application) converts your RSS and Blog content into digital magazines!

To get you started and fill you with some ideas – Here are some of the top uses, all of which can be created in a matter of minutes!

Customer newsletter
It’s common for businesses to use their blog content to form a weekly or monthly newsletter.

Historically, creating newsletters could be a time-consuming task. First the lead text needed to be extracted from the articles and the associated images, then these would be placed into an html style newsletter, links to the correct articles and then testing……as we say, time-consuming! 3D Issue Hubs users now take 5 mins to create their monthly newsletter. By simply telling Hubs the location of the blog and clicking ‘build’ the digital newsletter is then complete with the latest blog articles and images and ready to send to the subscribers!


Recycling older, (but still great!) blog content
When a blog article gets older, new blog articles push the older ones down the list, then onto page two of the listings. Once articles are not on the first page, there can be a dramatic decline in visitors to that article. Many businesses get visitors back to these articles by posting the link on their Twitter or Facebook account, now they can also use 3D Issue Hubs to get traffic back to these articles too! Just because content in a blog is not listed on the first page of the blog doesn’t mean this content is not great content – some articles are written about tips or tricks which are still relevant a few months later for example.

3D Issue Hubs users have created digital magazines on content that has been pushed off the first page, so they build the publication based on their blog feed and then select which articles to feature in the digital publication and send this out to subscribers interested in all articles in a specific category – including older articles that could be missed on the blog..

Focused, topic based publications
Web visitors often have specific interests rather than ‘everything’. Hubs can be used to create digital publications on specific subjects; for example an online local news site could have a huge number of news categories, however visitors could sign up to customized digital publications on their specific interests such as ‘Soccer News’ or  ‘Out and About’ and ‘Local Reviews’ – one magazine customized to them that cuts out areas of less interest.

We’d love to hear how you have been using 3D Issue Hubs, so users and publishers, let us know any other great ideas you have!


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