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best-digital-magazinesThe time, effort and creativity that some of our customers put into their e-creations has to be commended. The result being digital magazines with the scope to engage wider audiences, retain readerships, gain profits and sharing online.

The production of magazines has evolved over recent years and just as much in digital as in print versions. With computer, device updates and software developments the current standard of interactive features available to publishers is second to none.

Our publishers have reported a significant increase in sales or business as a direct result of creating a digital magazine to showcase their products and services. Linking to shopping carts and web pages that items can be purchased from is one of the main advantages when using digital magazines as content marketing material.

The best digital magazines are the ones that use features in tune with their content.

Example 1. Click here to launch the digital magazine.

The useful, instructive information from a professional golfers are key to the success of this publication. Teamed with the video tutorials and product descriptions the scope to market golfing merchandise is perfected. See how to add a video to your publication in this tutorial.

Example 2. Click here to launch the digital magazine.

In this property magazine a great feature that is utilized is the image gallery. It can show the interior photographs each property easily as it pops up in front of the pages. This simply wouldn’t be possible in a print version. See how to add image galleries to certain pages of your magazine in this video tutorial.


Example 3. Click here to launch the digital magazine.

In this Soul Music Magazine, the audio features are used excellently. As you can image while reading interviews and reviews of new music it would be useful to actually hear the music being talked about. SoulM8 magazine and 3D Issue digital publishing software makes this possible. See how to add audio to you magazine in this video tutorial.

Example 4. Click here to launch the digital magazine

In FSHN digital magazine the publisher has opted for a slide presentation mode, this is ideal for mobile and tablet viewing. See a video tutorial here detailing how to choose the best presentation mode for your target audience.

If you would like to create a digital magazine with 3D Issue digital publishing software all you need is a PDF of your publication. Simply email for some expert advice on how to get started.

By Audrey Henry


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