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Magazine Mobile MediaThe first study into magazine reading on mobile devices was released today by the MPA (The association of Magazine media) the research looked at the habits and feelings of 1090 respondents.

This quantitative piece of research is the first of its kind according to the association and a is noted as a landmark in digital publishing research due to the availability of a large number of people, although this Blog feels that such a study could quite well have been completed earlier this year too? perhaps not last year; nonetheless the findings are positive and clear some of the more interesting points being:

83% are interested in Archiving content

86% want to share their (not theirs really….!?) content

46% are reading more content on their digital devices

63% want more content to be available on their devices

73% want to interact with advertising

What is noteworthy and a step in the right direction is that the poll was not specific to the iPad but also included magazine reading on the lesser equipped but nonetheless highly popular Kindle and Nook style products namely eBook readers.

Read the full digital breakdown here

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